Is There An Excuse To Not Criminalize Abortion As Murder?

IMG_3389.JPGThere will be many who hesitate to support or will oppose SB13 (Joseph Silk’s bill to criminalize abortion as murder)#1,  bringing up the straw man argument “in the case of the life of the mother”.

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop answered the dilemma in this way: “Protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smoke screen. In my thirty-six years in pediatric surgery I have never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother’s life.”

There are numerous testimonies out there where mothers were urged to kill their children in these rare circumstances. The mothers instead chose to honor God and life, both child and mother were saved. *2 *3

Life is precious and a gift from our Creator. In no instance do you play “God” and intentionally take an innocent life. In the rare case of “the life of the mother” such as an ectopic pregnancy, you would simply deliver the child early on and do everything thing possible to save the child.






Texas County Man Starts Petition To Three U.S. Senators For Ok Panhandle To Join Texas

IMG_3344.JPGA few weeks ago, Texas County resident Mitchell Stout began a petition effort to Oklahoma U.S. Senators James Inholfe, James Lankford and Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz for the Oklahoma Panhandle to join Texas.  Below is taken from Mitchell Stout’s petition:


The Oklahoma panhandle funds a large part of the states budget but receives minimal return. This is forcing the three panhandle counties to maintain high sales taxes up towards 9.5%, higher property taxes, close schools, cut local programs, potential closure of hospitals, and lack of highway maintenance. Teachers are crossing the state line to teach in Texas do to the panhandle only being 35 miles wide, making travel worth the expense.

By joining the state of Texas, the Panhandle citizens will no longer have a state income tax, teaches pay scale will higher, the Texas funds their panhandle better than Oklahoma funds it’s panhandle, and Texas does not have a grocery tax.

Texas will benefit from the OK panhandle, because of the increase of tax revenue without having to shoulder the extra burden do to the OK panhandle being primarily self funded.

Personal story
I am a citizen of the Oklahoma panhandle, and have watched the lack of funding by the state cause local governments drop programs, close schools, and now potentially now close down Texas County Memorial Hospital, mean while the OKC spent two million dollars on the governors mansion. Texas may not care too much about its panhandle, but it’s funded better than the Oklahoma panhandle.

Cimarron County Republican Chair Issues Support For Canadian County GOP Letter/Rebuttal of OK GOP Chair Actions



The OKGOP State Chair came out yesterday with a statement regarding the Canadian County GOP letter to the 2019 Legislature. In the statement made, it is clear that she is not at all supportive of the contents or the principles within the letter. It should also be said that the statement was made without consulting the State Committee and as such, should not be inferred to come from the Oklahoma Republican Party.*1  The OKGOP Chair does not speak for the party as a whole, nor for the individual county parties.

The letter to the 2019 Oklahoma Legislature is the epitome of what the OKGOP is supposed to represent—liberty, fiscal responsibility, limited government and principles.*2  It is apparent the opinion of the State Chair does not agree. This does indeed sadden me, as an individual and as the Cimarron County Republican Party Chair.
I stand in support of County Chair Andrew Lopez and the Canadian County letter. I hope my fellow Republicans in Oklahoma do, as well.

I think this quote from Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law” is appropriate to end with:

“Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all.”

LeLayne Smith
Cimarron County GOP Chair





Canadian County Republican Party To Issue Letter To Oklahoma 2019 Legislature

Brought to you by the Canadian County Republican Party Facebook page:

IMG_3291ATTENTION, PATRIOTS! CALL TO ACTION! The Canadian County Republican Party will be issuing a letter to the 2019 Oklahoma Legislature next week stating our expectations and direction on how we would like them to defend and uphold our rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY! Please click this link: to read and sign on to this very important letter! Share, Share, Share this post!

Tune in to KFOR News Channel 4 at 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM to watch their exclusive interview with us regarding this letter! We want to give a special thanks to KFOR Reporter Lili Zheng for contacting us and arranging the interview. Links to the story will be included in this post after the stories have aired.

Link to the KFOR press release:

Canadian County Republican Chair Submits Business/Discussion Request For 12-1-18 OKGOP State Committee Meeting

Canadian County Republican Chair, Andrew Lopez recently submitted a couple of items to discuss and possibly act upon to Oklahoma Republican Chair Pam Pollard for the upcoming quarterly Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting, Saturday, December 1st.  Below is  Chairman Lopez’s submission.


Good Afternoon, Pam,

I would like to add a couple items for discussion on the agenda for our state committee meeting for December 1. You have likely seen the New York Times article about Rep. Chris Kannaday orchestrating campaigns against the legislators who did not vote for the the tax increase this year. A link to the article is here: The contents of this article are concerning, with Rep. Kannaday making the claim that the new slate of legislators are now “unified as one.” The question that begs to be answered is “Unified for what purpose?” He also called the legislators who were promoting Republican principles by not supporting the tax increase a “cancer” that needed to be removed. It appears that there is an organized plan that has been enacted to accomplish objectives that are not in the common interests of the Citizens of Oklahoma or in the common defense of our rights and liberties. It appears that Rep. Kannaday is part of an agenda to benefit certain business interests and groups, as stated in the article that “an array of business interests [were] helping fund the operation.” People do not contribute to an effort such as this without believing they will benefit in some way. This expected benefit would be an abuse and corruption of our government. We need to discuss this article at the next state committee meeting and determine what action we as a party should take based on its content.

Another issue that I would like to discuss at the next state committee meeting is directing our legislature to eliminate the state’s involvement in our partisan primary and runoff elections. It is an improper function of government to operate the candidate selection processes for private organizations and it also opens the door for people of incongruent beliefs to high-jack our party’s nomination by registering as Republican and running in the primary, i.e. Democrats switching party to give themselves better chances to win office. Furthermore, people should only register with the state to become a voter, not to be affiliated with any given party. To join a political party, citizens should register with that group, not the government. It is interference with our right to affiliation for the State of Oklahoma to insert itself into party affiliation registration. By holding our own caucuses for candidate selection, participation in our party will grow, money will be saved and we will have a greater capacity to influence government through the growth of our party.

This is a link to one of Canadian County’s recent meetings where we discuss the state’s involvement in our partisan elections and the problems it causes. It is very informative and worth the watch.

I’m looking forward to the meeting on December 1.

Andrew Lopez, Chairman
Canadian County Republican Party


Vote No On Retention Of Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices Edmondson, Gurich and Kauger

Oklahomans in general have stood for family values and most importantly, for the right to life of our unborn children.  Tragically in Oklahoma, 20 children every day are taken to abortion mills where they are dismembered or chemically burned alive!


In 2012 I had the opportunity to join hundreds of Oklahomans all across the state in gathering signatures for an initiative petition, which recognized life beginning at conception. With enough signatures for the petition, and enough votes ‪November  6th‬ , it would have amended the Oklahoma Constitution protecting life from the moment of conception.  In April, the Oklahoma State Supreme Court opinionated  9-0 that the petition was “unconstitutional” and ordered it stricken. *1  It is deplorable that the entire Supreme Court, in one of the most conservative states in the country would trample our unalienable right to petition our government for a redress of grievances, and would support the continued murdering of our defenseless unborn children.

Fast forward to March 2016, Oklahoma Abolish Abortion Evangelist Thomas Hunter and others introduced another Initiative Petition which would have abolished the murder of our unborn children in Oklahoma.  The Initiative went before a protest hearing and again the Oklahoma Supreme Court opinionated 9-0 that it was “unconstitutional” and prohibited signatures from being gathered on it. *2

‪On November ‬6th, three of the original nine State Supreme Court Justices in those cases will be on our ballot for retention (Justice Patrick Wyrick was recently appointed in 2017 to replace Steven Taylor).  I strongly encourage my fellow Oklahomans to stand for the right to life of Oklahoma’s unborn children and for sure VOTE NO on the retention of James Edmondson, Noma D. Gurich, and Yvonne Kauger to the Oklahoma Supreme Court!


For Life,

Kenny Bob Tapp




Guest Opinion: By Russell Turner – Up In Smoke


Ever since the Oklahoma Department of Health released their guidelines over the subject of Medical Marijuana there has been a furor over those rules. Even State Attorney General Mike Hunter has chimed in and said that the board exceeded their authority in the medical marijuana rules. While I did not support SQ 788 the majority of the voters of Oklahoma did, sadly our state has a track record of manipulating the intent of legislation by unelected boards and commissions. What the cannabis supporters are currently experiencing is nothing new. For years many tradesmen across Oklahoma have had to deal with these boards just to have the right to earn a living.

In many cases our legislators vote in legislation to regulate certain occupations. In my opinion there is far too much regulation placed upon working professionals across our state. If you have a small barber shop you have to be licensed, if you are a plumber, heat and air repairman, electrician, etc. you are required to have multiple licenses. The legislature will create an unelected and unaccountable board to regulate some industry, they will endow them with powers, then they can do the dirty work and the legislature can distance themselves from hardships they place upon the workers across our state. I know about this first hand. I have operated a HVAC business for 40 years.

Many years ago every town you might happen to work in required you to obtain a license to practice your trade there. Then the legislature decided to solve this problem by creating a state license system under the Construction Industries Board (CIB); the idea was that if you had that state license, you could work anywhere in the state. Now we have this monstrosity, and even with the state license you still have to get a license in every backwater town where you might have a small job to do. When you quiz any of them about the system they have created you will be politely told that it is for the safety of the public, in reality it is just another way to get more money from the hardworking people of this state. When the state license requirement was first implemented the cost was $50 per year but now the cost is $200 per year, remember that is what is paid just to the state. Another thing these unelected boards are known for is requiring 6 hours of continuing education every three years. I want to emphasize the point that the Construction Industries Board does not provide that training. They are very good at collecting our money but providing nothing in return. I have suggested to the people at the CIB that they should provide that education to the journeymen free of charge; I was told that they just couldn’t do it, but there were individuals that I could contact and they would teach the course. From personal experience I have found that the cost of course is usually $100 dollars. I once attended one of these courses and I counted 70 fellow tradesmen from the area; we each paid $100 and spent 6 hours of our time there. The instructor collected seven thousand dollars for his day’s work minus the cost to rent the room where he held the event. Over a three year period of time those 70 contractors will pay the CIB $42,000.00 dollars, and it puzzles me why they cannot provide the contractors something for their hard earned money. If this is not a big rip-off I will eat my hat.

We have far too many legislators who have never had to deal with this kind of chicanery. For all of the people out in the public that don’t seem to care about out of control boards and commissions remember this, anytime the government puts more burdens upon any service they will have to pass it on and that results in a higher cost for the consumer. Earlier this year all the mainstream media could talk about was how educators across the state were being mistreated. Just a little comparison, a teacher is required to maintain a teaching certificate through the state and they don’t have to maintain a separate certificate or license in the school they are teaching in. The cost for the teaching certificate is $50.00 for 5 years or $10.00 per year. During that same period of time a contractor will pay $1,000.00 just to the state alone, and that is not counting what is extorted from them from various cities and municipalities. The marijuana industry will be no different, there will be some board created with the heads making huge salaries with a huge benefit package while all of your money goes up in smoke.

Guest Article By Karen Cook Cuellar: Independence Day and Romans 13


Today  is the day we Americans celebrate our independence from a tyrannical ruler. The framers rebellion was treason, disobedience to their king and authority, and tax evasion (they revolted over a 3% tax on their tea) so clearly Romans 13 didn’t apply and wasn’t on their minds.

Up until then, our form of government didn’t exist. The framers designed and drafted a new thing, a unique form of government that gave the people the power that only kings and rulers had once held. This “representative” form of government would give the people control and protect them from being ruled by tyrants. Just like when a Christian claims to be a “representative” of Christ, that doesn’t mean we tell Christ what’s best for Him, or how we can improve on His ways, or that we are His king, ruler and authority and He should obey us. Rather, we simply do what He says. Likewise, these representatives would serve the people, we would be the masters and they would be the servants. And, should they ever became disobedient to the people or try to exercise tyrannical power over them, we were given explicit instructions to throw them off just as they had done before.

So go read Romans 13 again and if you live in America, everywhere it says “king, ruler, master, or authority” replace that with “the people.” Then you can go celebrate the complete disobedience to it by our framers, and you’ll no longer be preaching a conflicting, confusing message that completely contradicts itself. Here in this land, under this law, the people are the masters and our framers clearly disregarded Romans 13.

Have a happy treason and rebellion day, I sure am thankful those *Christians* weren’t following Romans 13, aren’t you?


Election Analysis By OCPAC’s John Michener


Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee
“We are about religion and politics, the only two things that matter.”
-John Michener, President
1. Welcome to OCPAC
2. Election Analysis
3. Passage of Medijuana
4. Crazy Election Culture
5. Yanking Yen

1. Welcome to OCPAC. We would like to welcome all the new subscribers to the Oklahoma Conservative PAC weekly update and Facebook group. Our mission is to promote and support public servants who oppose expansive government while promoting liberty, free markets, and Judeo-Christian standards. Welcome aboard.

2. Election Analysis. What can we take away from these primary elections? Broadly speaking, we see that historic trends repeat themselves, and the state of Oklahoma is following the trend of states and nations to become more and more socialistic. The history of nations is that prosperity leads to moral apathy. The people become more interested in free handouts and entertainment than in liberty. Governments enter a cycle of growing taxes to grow programs to grow power to leverage more votes to grow taxes, and the feedback loop accelerates at an alarming rate.

We are now at a tipping point. Just a few years ago, Republicans still understood that taxation is legalized plunder. Those legislators who voted against tax increases were considered principled heroes. Today, however, those legislators who voted against the tax increase find themselves completely defeated at the ballot box or in a runoff.

We have seen the media continually reference the tax hike as the “tax increase to fund teacher pay,” as if tax increases and teacher pay were inseparable. This is an outright lie, of course, especially when both revenue and waste are running at an all-time high. But the media has repeated it so often and so insistently that it has become a fait accompli in the mind of the average citizen.

The government school industry has figured out that they need not simply lobby the legislature for more funding; they can take over the legislature to open the spigot wide. We predict the educrats who are infesting the capitol will soon drive government school funding up to 60% or more of the state budget.

There is now no end in sight to the growth of state government. With a huge revenue surplus projected for next year, you can bet that a state legislature controlled by state employees will gleefully throw huge wads of money in the air and roll in piles of cash. It certainly does not look like the new governor will try to stop them, which brings us to the governor’s race.

Three candidates (Fisher, Jones, and Richardson) presented platforms based on principles. For their efforts, they collectively received only 79,000 votes. Three other candidates (Cornett, Stitt, and Lamb) presented only slogans and empty rhetoric, yet they received 351,000, or 82% of the votes. The modern electorate no longer has any concept of proper government or the rule of law.

More depressing than the condition of the electorate, is the condition of the Christian church in Oklahoma. These election results also reveal that the average self-identifying Christian in Oklahoma is now only a nominal or cultural Christian. When presented with the opportunity to back Pastor Dan Fisher who promised to abolish murder by abortion, the vast majority of Christians said, Yeah, but Thunder basketball. Yeah, but top-ten state. Yeah, but renew our neighborhoods.

The numbers do not lie, and what they tell us is that modern evangelical mega-churches have become nothing more than corporate religious-service providers. They are like gas stations providing a commodity, where church shoppers choose the one that has the cleanest bathrooms and the least bad coffee.

Now, more than ever, the true church must shine like a beacon to push back the threatening darkness. There are at least 35,000 abolitionists in Oklahoma who will not cease to trumpet the efficacy of state sovereignty and our duty to establish justice for our preborn neighbors.

3. Passage of Medijuana. Putting state Question 788 on the primary ballot was a stroke of genius from Mary Fallin, who likely wanted to bring out more non-traditional and progressive voters. The strategy worked, as 188,000 more Republicans voted in this primary election than in the one four years ago. The vast majority of voters have not critically analyzed the details of people or polices upon which they vote. The majority are in favor of legalized marijuana, so when they see that word on the ballot, they vote for it. These thousands of first time primary voters were likely the ones who gave Mick Cornett such a big boost in his numbers. It will be interesting to see if they return to the polls for the runoff, or if Stitt will win in a landslide.

We will now find out how serious the legislators are who voiced concerns over the wording of SQ 788. Its passage created only simple statutory changes, not constitutional changes. Therefore, our legislature can easily change them, or even completely repeal them, by a simple majority vote.

4. Crazy Election Culture. The desire for power makes people do unconscionable things, and we saw some crazy examples of lies and foul play in these elections.

Out in Wagoner, Oklahoma, incumbent RINO Kevin McDugle pulled out all the stops to bully and intimidate his opponent to drop out of the race. In fact, his opponent did suspend his campaign, ceasing all door-knocking, cancelling mailers, and not putting out signs leading up to the election. Even with these dirty pool advantages, McDugle is clinging to a mere five vote lead. Had Mahoney continued campaigning, the vote count might be in Mahoney’s favor. The closeness of the vote demonstrates that in rural Oklahoma, at least, there still exists some outrage over moral issues. The election is not over, as there is evidence of wide-spread irregularities throughout the district, which may lead to a new election or another outcome. Stay tuned for more high drama.

In the governor’s race, Gary Richardson was so desperate to knock Dan Fisher down that he lied on social media, claiming that three other states had already tried to abolish abortion but had failed. Of course, the instances he cited were examples of exactly the same failed pro-life policies Dan Fisher has been criticizing. No state yet has executed Dan’s plan, which was to criminalize all abortion, then enforce the law and ignore the courts.

In another example, Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn was caught red-handed stealing Daren Ward for County Treasurer yard signs. Commissioner Vaughn is a buddy of Daren’s opponent Forrest Butch Freeman, who is a career politician. What makes the whole thing so silly is that Freeman ended up winning with 62% of the vote. Why did Ray Vaughn even think it necessary to steal signs to help his friend? Ray Vaughn has not only been corrupted by years of political power, he is simply an embarrassment. Daren Ward said, “This is just another example of our county’s career politicians doing unethical things to protect each other—it’s infuriating.”

5. Yanking Yen. While we are spiraling ever faster towards a socialist state, there are some lines a statist still cannot cross in Oklahoma. Had Senator Yen stuck to voting for tax increases, growing government fees and regulations, and growing the police state, like almost every other Republican, he likely would have gotten away with it. Our people are now accepting of these policies. But he went one step too far by attacking basic human rights and parental choice. Thank God, Oklahomans still draw the line at state-mandated medical procedures and believe parents, not the state, are the rightful guardians and decision-makers for children. However, if California and Europe are any indication, we will soon be losing these battles, as well.

One thing we learn from the yanking of Yen is that to defeat someone in power requires targeting that district with massive force and focus. Yen was not defeated by one opposing candidate; he was defeated by passionate, principled citizens from all over Oklahoma who focused their resources on his district. Grassroots activists, take note. Fighting a little here and there and everywhere will only lead to losses everywhere. Pick the most important fights and make sure you win them.

Colton Buckley For State House: Your Conservative Candidate With No Strings Attached


Having seen first hand, the detrimental effects to Oklahoma and the control the powers that be such as Fount Holland, Trebor Wortham, and the State Chamber hold over the process gives me great concern for not only the present, but for our children’s future. These power brokers have wielded higher taxes and more government control over We The People in Oklahoma the last several years through the governor and 80% of the state legislature they have put into office.

Colton Buckley is the only candidate in this race not under the influence of these corrupt power brokers, thus the only candidate who will unwaveringly fight for the interests of We The People of the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma.

Please join me in our fight for Life and Liberty and in supporting Colton Buckley for Oklahoma House District 61!


For Liberty,

Kenny Bob Tapp





Colton Buckley