Oklahoma’s Pro-Abortion Bill (SB 834)

The Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed SB 834 by (r)epublican, Senator Julie Daniels last week: http://www.oklegislature.gov/BillInfo.aspx?Bill=Sb834&Session=2300

SB 834 protects abortion in four ways:

Sen. Julie Daniels

  1. 1. Place exceptions into Oklahoma’s abortion law that would allow for the murder of children conceived in rape and incest.
  1. 2. Legalize self-managed abortion in Oklahoma by repealing Oklahoma Statute §63-1-73.
  2. 3. Protect abortifacient drugs.
  3. 4. Protect any “act related to in vitro fertilization,” which includes the act of discarding “low-grade embryos.”

With the Repeal of Roe V Wade last summer one would assume Oklahoma legislators would keep their pledge and abolish abortion. On the contrary, the legislature has refused to take up SB 402 by Senator Warren Hamilton which would do just that, criminalize abortion as murder. Instead the State Senate is poised to pass SB 834 which fully reinstates surgical abortions that butcher children to death with forceps and scalpels.

Please email the Oklahoma State Senators using the Senate email addresses below with your thoughts:

jerry.alvord@oksenate.gov, micheal.bergstrom@oksenate.gov,  david.bullard@oksenate.gov, george.burns@oksenate.gov, bill.coleman@oksenate.gov, nathan.dahm@oksenate.gov, julie.daniels@oksenate.gov, tom.dugger@oksenate.gov, jessica.garvin@oksenate.gov, todd.gollihare@oksenate.gov, grant.green@oksenate.gov, chuck.hall@oksenate.gov, warren.hamilton@oksenate.gov, john.haste@oksenate.gov, brent.howard@oksenate.gov, darcy.jech@oksenate.gov, shane.jett@oksenate.gov, chris.kidd@oksenate.gov, greg.mccortney@oksenate.gov, john.montgomery@oksenate.gov, casey.murdock@oksenate.gov, joe.newhouse@oksenate.gov, lonnie.paxton@oksenate.gov, roland.pederson@oksenate.gov, dewayne.pemberton@oksenate.gov, dana.prieto@oksenate.gov, adam.pugh@oksenate.gov, dave.rader@oksenate.gov, cody.rogers@oksenate.gov, paul.rosino@oksenate.gov, ally.seifried@oksenate.gov, rob.standridge@oksenate.gov, brenda.stanley@oksenate.gov, blake.stephens@oksenate.gov, jack.stewart@oksenate.gov, kristen.thompson@oksenate.gov, roger.thompson@oksenate.gov, greg.treat@oksenate.gov, darrell.weaver@oksenate.gov, tom.woods@oksenate.gov

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