Cimarron County Republicans To Host HD 61 Candidate Forum May 25th


Dear voters of Cimarron County and HD 61,

We will be having a House District 61 Candidate Forum on Friday, May 25th, at 7pm in the PTCI meeting room in Boise City. We would love to see you in attendance to meet with the candidates that are seeking your votes for the primary (June 26th). The meeting will be set up in such a way that you can ask questions of the candidates from the floor so come prepared. Each candidate will also have the opportunity for opening and closing statements.
I will also try to livestream the video on Facebook for those that cannot make it but if you have any questions for the candidates, please try to attend so we can assure they are asked. It will be “first come, first serve” on question sign up so everyone has their opportunity.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!

LeLayne Smith
Cimarron County GOP Chair


Veto Referendum Petition Ready-Let The People Decide

IMG_2605.JPGMany have inquired when they would be able to sign the Voter Referendum Petition to give the people of Oklahoma the opportunity to reject or retain the largest wealth redistribution tax increase  passed in Oklahoma history  (half a billion dollars) by the State Legislature and Governor.  The moment has arrived and below is the press release from Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!


May 1, 2018

The passage of House Bill 1010XX in March was the largest tax hike in our state history. Taxes were raised without any fiscally responsible requests for audits and ultimate reforms. People are rightfully angry with a system that keeps coming back to the people making monetary demands through taxation rather than cleaning up the obvious fraud or mismanagement (or theft) in far too many state agencies.
Each month there is a new scandal revealed with several millions (or hundreds of millions) of dollars missing. Last week, $230 Million missing from Oklahoma Department of Transportation was revealed. The taxpayers are fed up.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has been in contact with legislative leadership and has requested reforms and supported several well-meaning bills, only to be thrown out and not heard by this legislature. Thankfully the Oklahoma State Constitution allows for the people of Oklahoma to have the ultimate power through their vote at the ballot box through a Veto Referendum. Let those who pay, have a say!
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has responded to the cry of the taxpayer. Oklahomans are concerned and dismayed at the handling of our finances for many years and are filing a veto referendum petition for circulation to allow the citizens of Oklahoma the opportunity to vote on the repeal of HB1010XX. This veto, if successful, will force the legislature to do the work of the needed deep dives, investigations and discovery regarding Oklahoma taxpayers’ money.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! starts collecting the necessary signatures today to have HB1010XX placed on the ballot for a vote of the people.

You can find out how to sign the petition at

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is an all grassroots force and we welcome your participation. To join our effort, please fill out the volunteer form on our website and also subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.
To donate to our effort, there is a secure donate button on our website, thank you for anything you can help with!

Linda Murphy Announces for Oklahoma State Superintendent


Linda Murphy Announces Candidacy for State Superintendent
Friday, April 13, 2018 – by Jamison Faught


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 13th, 2018 — I am filing for State Superintendent today because I believe Oklahomans want new leadership in education. We have seen the lack of leadership over the last two weeks where the OEA union, which gave money to help elect Joy Hofmeister in 2014, took over leadership in our state capitol.

Oklahoma’s public schools can provide excellence in education when we allow teachers to teach without forcing experimental programs into the classroom. That includes the nationalized testing, which has been implemented as part of Hofmeister’s new plan. Student testing should be academic and align with the curriculum used by the teacher. Local schools should be allowed to make decisions about their schools, students, methods and materials.

In many schools, special education programs have suffered and must be improved. This is an area where I have been certified by the state for many years. The developmental level of students must be understood and considered to allow them to learn to their fullest potential.

There is no “one size” fits all solution that can be mandated that will improve education. We need to stop those mandates and the millions of dollars we spend when we try to control from the top down.

Oklahoma’s public-school funding should be directed to the classrooms. These changes will provide an environment where students love learning and teachers love teaching!

Linda Murphy ran for State Superintendent in 1994, where she received 49.5% of the votes. She was Education Advisor to Governor Frank Keating and Deputy Commissioner of Labor for Workforce Education and Training. Linda is a founding partner in GPS -Guidance and Policy Solutions, public policy consulting group which provides solutions that help grow Oklahoma’s prosperity with smaller government and local control.

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Brecheen, Dahm demand end to corporate welfare for wind industry

By Jamison Faught


Senators demand legislature end corporate welfare for wind industry
Bills filed to stop wind energy tax credits and give millions to schools and vital state services

Oklahoma State Senators Josh Brecheen and Nathan Dahm filed legislation Monday that would end check-in-the-mail tax credit payouts paid to wind energy companies who are exempt from paying income taxes. Oklahoma will pay $500-$750 million in tax credits to wind energy companies over the next 10 years. Approximately 93 percent of the payments will go to foreign and out-of-state shareholders.


Senator Josh Brecheen


Senate Bill 888 and SB 6xx would halt the annual $70 million payout, freeing up additional money for education, health care and other core government services. Both bills would only require a 51 percent vote to pass as compared to other ideas to place a tax on the industry, which require an almost unattainable 75 percent vote to pass.

“This $70 million annual corporate welfare payment must end,” said Brecheen, R-Coalgate. “It’s time for the voice of the taxpayer to overshadow the voices of the 50 foreign and out-of-state paid lobbyists. Big Wind executives in Italy and Spain aren’t concerned about our taxpayers subsidizing them nor are they concerned about our students, teachers, hospitals, nursing homes, law enforcement agencies and other important state services.”

Sen. Dahm said it was not right to continue paying wind energy tax credits when the Legislature was raising taxes on other Oklahoma taxpayers.

“Oklahoma taxpayers have been asked to shoulder a larger tax burden to pay our teachers and fund our schools – but the wind industry is fighting to keep its sweetheart deals and taxpayer handouts in addition to receiving a federal tax credit, property tax exemptions, and more.” said Dahm. “We should not be taking money out of the wallets of every Oklahoman by raising their taxes while continuing to cut a check for $70 million to the wind industry every year.”


Senator Nathan Dahm



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Sen. Tom Coburn To Headline Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite Announcement Tomorrow


March 27, 2018

Senator Tom Coburn to headline announcement of OKLAHOMA TAXPAYERS UNITE!
PRESS CONFERENCE 1 pm, Wednesday March 28, 2018

IMG_2500.JPGFiscal hawk and Taxpayers’ friend, Senator Tom Coburn, will announce the formation of a new Taxpayers’ coalition to take the fight to the legislative tax hogs, oath breakers and Political Class.
Oklahoma Taxpayers are fed up with legislative leadership that seeks first to raise taxes and refuses to make the structural, transformational reforms that fiscal responsibility requires. With HB1010XX, passed under duress and rules suspension March 26, the majority of the House of Representatives has chosen the path of more taxation instead of reform.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is a coalition of Oklahoma Taxpayers — civic leaders, concerned citizens, grassroots activists, and party leaders, working together, demanding constitutional, ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible governance for the Oklahoma Taxpayers. Reminiscent of the group known as “Stop New Taxes” which almost repealed HB 1017 28 years ago with a referendum petition, and then Oklahoma Taxpayers’ Union, which successfully passed SQ 640, the new coalition reflects the disgust and anger with a Governor and legislature that has refused to lead, opting for new taxes instead.
Of the 79 House members who voted for new taxes, 11 of them previously signed a pledge for their entire term of office with Americans for Tax Reform, “to oppose [and vote against] any efforts to increase taxes.” Apparently, their word means nothing. Two of the oath-breakers are running for higher office in 2018. Seven members of the Senate signed the same pledge.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! will offer its 7-point Taxpayers Platform for all incumbents and candidates to pledge to on their Word of Honor.
For further information, please contact Brooke McGowan at 704-526-9494 or Porter Davis at 405-343-0239.



Representative John Bennet Breaks Down $533 Million Tax Increase On Oklahomans

Representative John Bennet’s office released the summary below of the $533 million tax increase passed last night by the House.  HB 1010xx will likely pass the Senate and would be signed  by the Governor.  This will be the largest tax increase in all of Oklahoma history.


Section by Section Summary of HB 1010XX
Higher Tobacco Tax
Sections 2 of the measure levy and provide administration directive for an additional 50 mill/cigarette tax on cigarettes. ​
Revenue from the levy will be apportioned to the General Revenue Fund through FY-19, beginning FY-20 and thereafter such revenue will be apportioned to the State Health Care Enhancement Fund (created in HB 1016XX), which the Legislature shall appropriate for the purpose of enhancing the health of Oklahomans. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the cigarette tax provided in this measure is as follows:
FY-19 $152,074,000
FY-19 Appropriations $144,470,300

Sections 3-5 and 17 of the measure convert the taxation of little cigars to mirror the taxation of cigarettes. Previously little cigars were subject to specific little cigar tax levies. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the conversion provided in this measure is as follows:
FY-19 $954,000
FY-19 Appropriations $906,300

Section 6 of the measure levies an additional 10% tax upon the factory list prices of chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and snuff. Revenue from the levy will be apportioned to the General Revenue Fund through FY-19, beginning FY-20 and thereafter such revenue will be apportioned to the State Health Care Enhancement Fund (created in HB 1016XX), which the Legislature shall appropriate for the purpose of enhancing the health of Oklahomans. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the tobacco products tax provided in this measure is as follows:
FY-19 $10,266,667
FY-19 Appropriations $9,753,333

Higher Fuel Tax
Sections 7 of the measure levy an additional 3 cent per gallon tax on gasoline and a6 cent per gallon tax on diesel fuel. Revenue from the levy will be apportioned to the General Revenue Fund through FY-19, beginning FY-20 and thereafter such revenue will be apportioned to the Rebuilding Oklahoma Access and Driver Safety (ROADS) Fund. HB 1015XX provides that the existing Motor Fuels Tax exemptions will also apply to the new tax levy. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the gasoline and diesel fuel tax provided in this measure is as follows:
FY-19 $104,982,615
FY-19 Appropriations $99,733494

Higher Petroleum Producers Tax
Sections 8 & 9 of the measure increases from 2% to 5% the gross production tax on production occurring in the first 36 months from an oil, gas or oil and gas well. The increase applies to all production, occurring after the effective date of this act, subject to the 36 month rate. Section 8 also eliminates from the statute a larger portion of obsolete langue. Section 9 provides for the apportionment of GPT collected at a 5% rate. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the gross production tax rate modifications provided in this measure is as follows:
FY-19 $170,485,000
FY-19 Appropriations $158,420,872

New Tax On Lodging
Sections 10-16 of the measure create the Oklahoma Occupation Tax Act and provide administrative directive. The Act levies a tax of $5 per night tax on hotel rooms Revenue from the levy will be apportioned to the General Revenue Fund. The Tax Commission revenue estimate for the zero-emission facility energy tax provided in this measure is as follows
FY-19 $46,200,000
FY-19 Apportionment $43,890,000


Sooner Politics says:

“Rep. John Bennett delivered another of his classic fiery speeches last night on the House floor. the occasion was historic as the legislature voted for the Democrat’s dream tax package by a tally of 79-19.
Bennett decried the complete failure to conduct performance audits of the largest agencies. He points out that the tight fiscal crunch of last year exposed an illegal shell game in the Dept. of Health. He is suspicious that the similar practice is likely to be common in several other agencies. But; he adds; we may never know?
By Bennett’s reasoning, pouring cash infusions into these un-audited agencies will allow them to hide their corruption. With the Health dept. it went on for years.
We hope to publish the Bennett floor speech when it is released.”

Rally In Brick Town With Dan Fisher Calling For The Abolishment of Child Sacrifice In Oklahoma

By Kenny Bob Tapp

At least hundreds rallied in Brick Town in Oklahoma City Saturday night in support of Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher’s message to Abolis Child Sacrifice and to reassert State Sovereignty enshrined in the 9th and 10th Amendments.
Will you join this righteous fight?



Principle Over Rhetoric; OK HD 61 Republican Primary Race For Open Seat

By Kenny Bob Tapp

In the Oklahoma Panhandle’s open HD 61 race it’s a given that every candidate in the Republican Primary will come out as “Pro-life,” pro-2nd Amendment, claim to support lower taxes, etc., etc. with “Conservative rhetoric”. It is a given that the Oklahoma State Chamber will have a candidate in this race, using all of the above rhetoric, and who will actually vote the opposite if elected.


To receive the principled Republican House nominee in June, it will be incumbent upon Republicans in the Panhandle and Northwest OK to commit to the full task of vetting each candidate and doing their research thoroughly.
The candidate that will truly uphold Conservative Principles and their oath before the Almighty and man will not just use lip service but will actually work to #1 Abolish Abortion, not regulate it, #2 will support Constitution Carry, not just regulate your inalienable rights enshrined in the 2nd Amendment, #3 vote to cut waste in government, not vote to steal more money from you in the guise of fees/taxes and the like.

For the vitality of safe guarding individual Liberty and the sovereignty of our state and district, the next State Representative from our area must recognize the importance of reasserting the individual and state’s rights enshrined in the 9th and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. When a Supreme Court opinion, federal bureaucracy, congress or president violate those individual Liberties and State’s rights under the protection of the U.S. Constitution, our state representative can and must be willing to introduce or co-author legislation nullifying such unjust actions. A candidate receiving State Chamber support would not be willing to do so.

House District 61, the ball is in your court.

Oklahomans support our Beef Producers…. and Identifying USA Beef

By Linda Murphy

One thing is clear this week in the battle to support USA Beef production. When Oklahomans learn what is happening to our beef, we support our local producers and want to know where our beef comes from! When we find out the USDA label goes on foreign beef imported from 20 countries we are not happy!

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