Cimarron County Republican Party Endorses Jackson Lahmeyer in U.S. Senate Race

On July 23rd the Cimarron County Republican Party met in Boise City, where a unanimous vote was given to endorse Jackson Lahmeyer in the 2022 Republican Primary election against Senator James Lankford. The Cimarron County Republican Party joins one other county to endorse Jackson Lahmeyer with more soon to follow.
Cimarron County Republican Chairwoman Tifany Adams made the following statement: “In my opinion Jackson Lahmeyer is the epitome of what every Christian in the United States should be doing! He has stepped up and stepped out into the line of fire to stand for God and for the values this Nation was built on! God calls us to be lions and to protect His values and His plans for this Great Nation!”

Several counties including Cimarron County introduced a censure resolution for Senator James Lankford and Senator Jim Inholfe earlier in the year at the Republican County Conventions. The censure condemned the actions of Lankford and Inholfe for voting to certify the Presidential election on January 6th for Joe Biden amid evidence of voter fraud.

To learn more about Jackson Lahmeyer and his campaign, visit

Boise City, Oklahoma Says No To Covid 19 Jab

With concerns over improper testing of the hastily released Covid 19 Jabs, concerns over the shot being tested with or including cells from aborted babies and the MRA that could change your DNA, citizens in my home town of Boise City, Oklahoma sounded off with their thoughts in a recent CNN interview in the link below.

Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) Tweeted:
As the pace of vaccinations increase nationwide, residents in one Oklahoma town resist it; “I don’t trust the government and I don’t trust Biden.” @garytuchmanCNN reports.

Day of Mourning February 3rd, 2021

Update from The Ekklesaia of Oklahoma:

February 3rd 2021

Today 25-35 innocent pre-born babies will be sentenced to death daily in Oklahoma! Why ? Because the Republican Senators,,,,,,,,,,

completely ignored and refused to hear Senate Bill 495 The Equal Justice & Equal Protection Act which would have made Oklahoma An Bbortion Free Oklahoma. Each one of these “republican, Christian, pro-life” politicians MUST and WILL be replaced! We will not forget !

These Republican Senators have innocent blood on their hands! They have voted against equal protection and equal justice! They have sinned against God and have made a grave mistake. God have mercy on Oklahoma.

YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED BREAKING: The Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act will be heard in the Senate HHS Committee tomorrow morning

Senator Warren Hamilton provides instruction and contact information for the Senate Health and Human Services Committee members below:


Dear Patriots,
Our bill SB495 to Abolish Abortion immediately and totally in Oklahoma will be heard in committee tomorrow at 9 am. It is vitally important that every Senator in the Human and Health Services Committee hear from you GRACIOUSLY ENCOURAGING them to support SB 495 The Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act. We have less than 24 hours to act on this initiative to get this bill to the Senate floor for consideration.

Here is a link with the list of Senators in the HHS committee, their emails and office numbers. Please contact them TODAY.

If you BCC email then it will go to them individually.,,,,,,,,,,

Here is a reference for your message, but please personalize it and make it your own. Short and sweet is best.

Email Subject Line : PLEASE SUPPORT SB495 to be discussed on the Senate floor

Dear Senator,
I am contacting you today to graciously encourage you to put on the courage of Christ and support Senator Hamilton’s Bill SB495 Equal Justice & Equal Protection | The Abolition of Abortion In Oklahoma Act.

Please stand for the Word of God, The Constitution of the United States, and the Oklahoma Republican Party platform by sending SB495 to the Senate floor and on through the political process to establish equal protection and equal justice for all human beings beginning at conception.

Your name

Video Explaining Near FutureWireless Currency and Wealth Heist

Nick Giambruno of Casey Research recently explained about a plan in Congress with the backing of the Federal Reserve, Bill Gates and corporations such as Visa which would decimate wealth and create a wireless currency in the near future.

Facebook has blocked the link with the video with Nick Giambruno from being posted.  Here is the link:

The first 30 minutes of the video explains the plot for a wireless currency.