In Light of Corruption Sherwood Calls Stitt to Step Down From Governor

June 17, 2022

For Immediate release from the Sherwood For Governor Campaign:


In light of the recent alleged illegal actions of Governor Stitts Campaign, I, Dr. Mark Sherwood, 2022 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, am calling on Kevin Stitt to consider stepping down from the gubernatorial race immediately in order to save our State from being led by Joy Hofmeister, the Democrat Candidate.

Oklahomans are aware of the pay-to-play investigation regarding the Oklahoma Tourism Department and Stitt’s friends, Swadley’s BBQ.

Additionally, audits have exposed 5.4 million dollars spent on goods that were never received. Further, under the direction of Kevin Stitt, another internal State auditor was fired after looking into concerns about a conflict of interest.

But now, the biggest Stitt debacle of all could have felony-level ramifications. Stitt just launched what may be an illegal campaign ad on behalf of John O’Conner, a candidate for State Attorney General and Stitt’s personal pal.–

Oklahoma lawmakers have written, “The intent is clear: with his hand-picked Attorney General lagging in the polls, Governor Stitt is spending his campaign funds to help.”

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has stated, “ I consider this a serious matter,…I will respect the lawmakers’ request and investigate…” If the allegations are true, Stitt could be found guilty of a felony punishable by a massive fine and/or imprisonment of up to a year.

Title 21 Oklahoma Statutes Section-21-187-1/E.: “Any person who knowingly and willfully violates any provision of this section where the aggregate amount contributed exceeds the contribution limitation specified in subsection A of this section by Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) or more, upon conviction, shall be guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of up to four times the amount exceeding the contribution limitation or by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary for up to one (1) year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

If Stitt is elected as the Republican nominee, there is a possibility that he could be criminally charged and disqualified as a candidate. This will leave us forced to elect a Democrat as governor of Oklahoma, who will most assuredly be a puppet for the globalists and communists running D.C.

At a time when our State is under threats from enemies without and within, the republican primary on June 28 could decide the fate of Oklahoma. We need a governor who will secure Oklahoma’s freedom as a sovereign State and push against the tyrants in D.C.! If we nominate Kevin Stitt, we could be setting the stage for an unopposed Democratic victory in the general election. Do we want the Party of Clinton, Obama, and Biden to govern in Oklahoma?

Based on this unscrupulous pattern of behavior, I believe Kevin Stitt should step aside as a candidate for the 2022 Gubernatorial election in order to save Oklahoma from falling into the hands of Democrats.

Together I truly believe we can make Oklahoma the freest State in the Union.

Dr. Mark Sherwood

 Governor Misunderstands His Job

By John Michener



Governor Kevin Stitt was recently invited to defend Oklahoma abortion law on Fox NewsSunday.  He was presented with a great opportunity to explain to a massive audience across the States that abortion is murder, violates God’s law, violates our constitutions, and must be completely abolished.  Instead he attempted to defend his limited abortion regulations by citing the desires of the people of Oklahoma whom he represents.  The conversation then devolved into an argument over how many people support or oppose abortion in Oklahoma. 

This exchange perfectly illustrates the problem with officials who attempt to govern based on pragmatics rather than principle.  In fact, unless the voters understand the competing worldviews that candidates represent, we are doomed to continue with political leadership that looks foolish on national television and cannot explain right from wrong.

What is the job of an official in a representative republic?  On what basis should officials make decisions and govern?  We want to answer these critical questions in the context of abortion law and the upcoming gubernatorial primary election between Mark Sherwood and Kevin Stitt on 28 June.

First, let us keep in mind the proper purpose of government, which (as revealed in scripture and articulated by our founding fathers) is to defend life, liberty, and property.  Because our founders did not want our rights being abused by magistrates, they based our State republics and Union on the “Rule of Law.”  Therefore, we are ruled by our civil laws, and the officials we elect are supposed to administer those laws on our behalf.  That is why they are called representatives.  Not because they are to blindly do the will of the people, but because they are to represent the interests of the people in civil law.  And what are the people’s interests?  Their lives, liberty, and property.

The founders also took for granted that civil law should be based upon God’s law.  But with the march of time has come the inevitable corruption of our laws and the way they are administered.  The choice is between God’s way or the Humanist way.  Let us compare the two worldviews.

On the one hand, civil law might correlate with God’s law, synonymous with Natural Law, Divine Law, justice, objective standards, universal morals, and the like.  Under this paradigm making decisions about what laws to write and how to administer them would be characterized by doing what is right, regardless of the perceived consequences.  Justification for government action would appeal to the aforementioned higher law of God.

On the other hand, civil law might correlate more with Humanist philosophies, such as social contract theory, social justice, the will of the people, consensus, socialism, etc.  Making decisions about what laws to write and how to administer them would be characterized by appeals to popular opinions recorded via voting and polling.  In this paradigm a representative merely does the will of the vocal majority of people, regardless of what is right and wrong or how it might harm life, liberty, and property.  Citizens end up suffering from a tyranny of the majority.  Government action is characterized by utilitarian and pragmatic arguments, appeals to the will of the people, and sales pitches guaranteeing happiness for the most people, while really being about securing the most contributions and votes for the politician pitching the sale.

If abolishing state-sanctioned murder by abortion is important to you, then we must apply our understanding of these competing worldviews to the governor’s race in Oklahoma.  We have already seen for almost four years that the current governor has not been able to call for or defend any particular abortion-related legislation based on principle.  He could have abolished abortion at any time during his administration, and done so quite easily in the last month since the Supreme Court leak, but all we have seen is lack of vision and unnecessary compromise.  The laws he has signed are unjust, unconstitutional, and contradictory.  They leave gaping loopholes for thousands more murders to continue, and he cannot even defend them on Fox News.

Through the years, Governor Stitt’s comments regarding abortion have been reminiscent of Governor Pontius Pilot of Judea.  Pilate knew Jesus was not deserving of death, yet he shirked his duty to protect an innocent human and attempted to shift responsibility for Jesus’s death, ultimately giving the people what they wanted, even though it was unjust.

Similarly, Governor Stitt has abdicated his duty to protect innocent preborn humans.  Like Governor Pilate, Stitt has allowed the cries of the rabble to prevail, perhaps augmented by “pro-life” lobbyists and political handlers who have convinced him that compromising on abortion will be politically pragmatic and that he can sell it to the voters.  He seems convinced that shutting down a handful of perpetrators and simply “signing every piece of pro-life legislation that hits my desk” is enough to wash his hands of the innocent blood of preborn Oklahomans.

In stark contrast, Mark Sherwood for Oklahoma Governor has explained that abortion is murder and vowed to close loopholes and provide equal protection for our preborn neighbors within thirty days of taking office.  There is a clear choice on 28 June between two competing men, representing two competing worldviews.  We can keep going the Humanist way under Kevin Stitt, leading to more loss of life, liberty, and property, or we can go God’s way with Mark Sherwood.

Mark Sherwood is a man who can explain his principles for decision making and who will proactively defend the right to life, right to liberty, right to property, right to conduct business, right to medical choices, right to parent, etc.  Mark Sherwood understands that being governor is not about doing whatever the people want, but about doing what is right on behalf of the people.  Learn more at

Ukraine/Russia Quagmire

With recent events in Ukraine the media has doubled down with the same repetitive narrative in an attempt to draw the U.S. into WWIII.

Cartoon by Joshua Tapp

It has been disappointing to see the majority of people who saw through government and media lies to entice and force the public to take the untested Covid Kill Shots swallow the war propaganda hook, line and sinker.

My thoughts below from a recent Facebook Live video:

Contact Charles McCall To Support OK House Abolition of Abortion Bill ASAP

From Free The States:


Email and call Speaker of the House, Charles McCall. Urge him kindly and directly to support HB4111, the bill to criminalize the murder of preborn humans in Oklahoma. A short message letting him know that you are an abolitionist living and voting in the state of Oklahoma and that you support HB4111 will suffice. (This is the quickest and easiest thing you can do right now to help establish justice for your preborn neighbors. Please take a moment and do this simple task).

As Speaker of the House, McCall has a responsibility to hear the concerns of all Oklahoma citizens as he largely determines what bills will be heard and supported in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Right now, the fate of the Oklahoma abolition bill rests almost entirely in his hands.

Encourage McCall to show his support of abolition by urging Rep. Mike Osburn, chair of the Oklahoma Rules Committee, to hear and pass HB4111 out of committee and onto the House Floor for a full vote. Ask McCall to public support abolishing ab0rt1on and cast his vote in favor of HB4111 as an Ex Officio voting member on all House Committees.

CALL: 405-557-7412

You can read HB4111 (authored by Rep. Mark Vancuren with co-authors Frix, Hardin, McDugle, Randleman, and Sneed.) here:

Finally, a Solution to the Final Solution examining the bill to abolish the Oklahoma Abortion Holocaust

By John Michener
Oklahoma State Senator Warren Hamilton has filed SB 1372, called the “Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act” or the “Oklahoma Sanctuary for the Preborn Act.” This bill has no deficiencies and should be supported. If enacted and enforced, it would immediately and totally abolish abortion in Oklahoma. Here are the four key provisions:
1) Defines Homicide Consistently: “Homicide shall include, but not be limited to, acts which cause the death of an unborn child committed during an abortion.”
2) Corrects Contradictions: “Existing provisions regulating abortion or abortion facilities are not repealed but are superseded to the extent of any conflict or inconsistency.”
3) Establishes Liability for Wrongful Death: Existing law provides that “When the death of one is caused by the wrongful act or omission of another, the personal representative of the former may maintain an action therefor against the latter…” In other words, a person involved in homicide might get sued in court and held responsible for the loss of life. However, current law provides a loophole that exempts abortionists from liability. This bill would close that loophole: “The provisions of this section shall also be available for the death of an unborn person…”
4) Directs Enforcement: With the enactment SB 1372, the Legislature would say that “this state and all political subdivisions of this state shall enforce…Oklahoma Statutes in relation to abortion without regard to the opinions and judgments of the Supreme Court of the United States in Roe v. Wade…and its judicial progeny, past and future…and without regard to any other contrary or conflicting federal statute, regulation, treaty, executive order, or court ruling.” It also warns Oklahoma judges not to interfere: “any judge of this state who purports to enjoin, stay, overrule, or void any provision of this act shall be subject to impeachment or removal.”
There are a number of competing bills out there that will distract from, and in many cases serve to usurp the preeminence of, SB 1372. They all have flaws, from minor to major, as pro-life politicians continue to bow down to their god SCOTUS, asking permission, favor, and blessing upon their sacrifices (bills). You will find a summary of those on our Policy Page.

Please contact your personal State Senator about supporting SB 1372.

When they misdirect you by saying, “Well, I am fighting/working/battling to abolish abortion. That’s why I’m supporting the pro-life XYZ123 Bill,” kindly explain the problem with the alternative.

When they put you off by saying, “There is nothing I can do; it’s not in my committee,” kindly insist that they co-author the bill. Every senator can coauthor the bill, and that change can be effected on the same day of the request. You should see coauthor names appear here.

When they trot out the ultimate, tried and true, pro-life cop-out, “We have to wait for SCOTUS to overturn Roe v. Wade,” kindly remind them that Oklahoma nullified federal drug laws when it legalized marijuana, without waiting for SCOTUS to overturn its incorrect decision that those federal drug laws were constitutional. Ask your senator, “Do you think protecting marijuana is more important than protecting the lives of babies?”

If they still put you off or lie to you, kindly say, “I’m sorry you chose not to make abolishing abortion a priority.” And then run against them!

Home Educators Say NO To Senator Treat’s Dangling Carrot (SB 1647)

By Carrie Bertrand

School choice = “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

I don’t think school choice is the answer at all.

Treat’s bill, SB1647 is very cumbersome. 17 pages long. It will be EPIC 10.0. Costly third-party administration, $$$ going to educational vendors approved by the Treasury department by who knows what standards, tax payers’ dollars given out as a voucher to be spent on these approved vendors who will no doubt raise their prices as the money is coming from the tax payers and not the families they serve (look what the federal dollars have done to the cost of college tuition); there will be added regulations to private schools, cooperatives, learning pods, and home schoolers as they take government money. Play government games, win government prizes!

And it won’t fix the failing schools, while it may skim a few students off the top and the money that goes with them, the kids left behind are not helped at all. How many students are in a single parent home and that parent can’t drive them to another school because they are busy working? Or the rural family whose next closest school is 15 miles away?

They are also basing the $$$ spending on students who are currently in public schools. What happens when loads (about 35,000 in OK) of private school and home school families take the funds? Do the schools go completely broke? Will the private schools raise their rates? Are new private schools waiting in the wings right now to make money off tax payers for their private business?

People say it’s their money. But once it’s rendered to Caeser, it’s Caeser’s. Furthermore, the money that goes to a student in the form of a voucher likely exceeds that which their parents pay in property taxes. Are very many people paying $1000s in taxes? If so, they likely don’t need a voucher. What about the neighbor who pays taxes and is also not using the schools, can they get a voucher to put towards a car? Don’t see why not if they’re paying and not using the school.

It sounds so good on the surface, but the devil is in the details.

How about an educational tax credit instead? Maybe even a refundable one for low income?

How about we break the bonds the teacher’s unions have on our schools, eliminate tenure, trim the administrative fat, and give merit pay to great teacher’s? Who are the good teachers? Just do an evaluation by the administrators, parents, students, and other teachers… the cream will rise to the top. Everyone in every school knows who the good and bad teachers are. Studies show that regardless of school or income, student success is in fact based on great teachers. Imagine if teachers had even half the per pupil spending that these vouchers are doling out.

Great teachers shouldn’t mind live video cams on them for parents to check in during class and watch. Daycares provide that, why not schools? That would help lead to school improvement and competition.

There’s still more to discuss about the bill, and even the principle of “leveling the playing field” for everyone being used by the Republicans. I’d love for all kids to have brand new Nikes, a beautiful home, and nutritious food…. but I don’t want to pay for it with my taxes.

Frankly, parents aren’t clamoring for this. I know because I’ve spent the last two days, ALL DAY, at the capitol talking to Senators. Nope! Organizations like OCPA, OCPAC, and others are the ones who want it. Parents who really want their kids in a better or different situation, already have them there. Very few are calling and saying, “Senator, I’d send my kid to another school or teach them at home if only you would save my family by giving us $3500.”

Are we willing to sell our freedom for 30 pieces of government silver? We already have choice in Oklahoma.

Don’t blow it folks! This is a badge for the Republicans. I was amazed that only 1 republican senator asked a question about a 17 page bill during the senate education committee today. The democrats were asking honest, tough questions, and defending home schoolers. Most of the Republicans appear to do whatever Sen Pro Tem wants. Otherwise, their bills don’t stand a chance, and they can’t represent their constituents. These are the games they play up there. I’ve been lobbying for homeschool freedom longer than any one of the legislators have been up there, because they term out…. we, who are busy protecting others’ right to homeschool year in and year out, don’t.

I’ll be encouraging all legislators to vote no on senate bills 1647, 1420, 1135, as well as 1509. And no to HB3482.

About Carrie Bertrand:

Carrie is a “post” homeschool mom who has been involved in protecting home education freedoms for 18 years. She is one of the founding board members of Constitutional Home Educators Alliance, and the Grady County GOP Chairman. Carrie is a certified public school teacher who isn’t currently teaching, and is a financial advisor. Carrie has owned and operated Bertrand Retirement Solutions and Bertrand Investment Solutions with her husband since 1998.

A Message From Global Players To Followers of Yahshuah Messiah (Jesus Christ)?

The first photo is a statute representing Peace and Security created by Mexican Sculptors that is now on display in front of the United Nations Headquarters. Is naming the image of this beast Peace and Security a coincidence or not? You be the judge after reading 1 Thessolonians 5:3 – “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

Following the first photo, we show you pictures of eagle’s wings, a leopard, lion’s teeth and bear’s feet.
Are the globalists who hate Yahshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His people trying to send a message?

Daniel 7:4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings:

Revelation 13:2, 7 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority…
And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

All coincidence? You decide.



James SilbermanDecember 8, 2021Abolitionism

As the Abolitionist Movement grows, more and more bold Christians are stepping up to run for political office. This article will set forth a handful of principles by which these many abolitionist campaigns should operate.

This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for running a campaign; only a rundown of the basics of how to conduct your campaign as it relates to the specifics of an abolitionist campaign. If you have any questions about the various basic things you need to be doing as a candidate to get your message out, or about anything else related to running for public office, we recommend contacting former State Senator Joseph Silk at Liberty Rising Institute and Tim Gillespie, Pastor and Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Founder (

1) You Must Outwork Your Opponent. By a Lot.

The Abolitionist Movement is rapidly growing in size and organization, but we do not have the resources of the Pro-Life Establishment. Especially if you are challenging an incumbent, your opponent will likely have more money than you, and will certainly have more political connections. In the 2020 Oklahoma SD7 race between incumbent pro-lifer Larry Boggs and abolitionist Warren Hamilton, most of the major Republican officials in the state united behind Boggs: the governor, both U.S. Senators, the Congressman from that area, and almost half the State Senate. They desperately did not want a man of courage like Hamilton in the legislature who was promising to introduce a bill to abolish abortion. Hamilton and organizations supporting him were out-spent by Boggs and Boggs-supporting organizations more than four-to-one.

At the same time, a similar situation was playing out in Indiana House District 93 where abolitionist challenger John Jacob was outspent more than two-to-one by incumbent pro-life Representative Dollyne Sherman. Sherman boasted the endorsement of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, as well as establishment organizations like Indiana Right to Life, the NRA, and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

But while Hamilton and Jacob were substantially outgunned in terms of funds and endorsements, they outworked their opponents. They and their campaign staff and volunteers called voters. They knocked on the front doors of most of the Republican voters in their district. While they didn’t raise as much money as their opponents, they raised enough to reach voters a number of times through mailers and social media ads. They put up signs and banners around the district. They attended local Republican events. They connected with other liberty-minded organizations (economic freedom, Second Amendment, medical freedom, family rights, etc.) to receive their endorsements and support. Both Jacob and Hamilton won the Republican primary and were elected to office in the general election.

As an abolitionist — and probably as a candidate that is generally more liberty-minded than your Republican primary opponents — you have a more powerful message that resonates with Republican voters. But you will not win the race if voters don’t know your message. You must work like crazy to get your message out.

2) Draw Contrast Between Your Campaign and Your Opposition

Reaching your voters is important, but to make the most of each point of contact with a voter, you must have messaging that distinguishes your campaign from your opponent’s. Every time a voter sees or hears from you, they need to immediately understand what you’re about and why they should vote for you instead of the opposition. You don’t get three hours to convince each person in your district of all your views. You get a few seconds to catch their eye or ear with something they like, and if you do that successfully, you’ll maybe get another few minutes to turn them into an active supporter. Everything you communicate must be clear, concise, and powerful. No wasted words. No milquetoast slogans. Strive for short, punchy language communicating a strong, moral stand.

As it relates to abortion, you need to make the point that while your opponent is running to regulate abortion — and thereby allow it — you are running to abolish it. Some good phrases to use on websites and other campaign materials are:

  • Abolish Abortion
  • Abolish, Not Regulate, Abortion
  • Abortion Must be Abolished
  • Equal Protection for Preborn Children
  • Equal Justice for Preborn Children
  • Equal Rights for Preborn Children
  • Make _____ an Abortion-Free State
  • End Abortion Now
  • Protect All Preborn Children Immediately

Remember the importance of creating contrast. Avoid using phrases that make you blend in with your opponent and with the establishment that is keeping abortion legal. Don’t say things like:

  • Pro-Life
  • I Support Pro-Life Bills
  • The life issue
  • Any other vague or lukewarm language that could come just as easily from someone who opposes abolition as it could from someone who supports it

Drawing a line between abolitionism and pro-lifeism has long been a point of emphasis for the Abolitionist Movement. For well-meaning Christian pro-lifers to be able to become abolitionists, they first have to understand that there’s a difference between the ideology they currently hold to/the movement they currently support, and the ideology they should hold to/the movement they should support.

This principle is no less important in political campaigns. If anything, it’s more important. Creating contrast with your opposition is one of the first rules of campaigning. A campaign manual from the National Democratic Institute of International Affairs says: “Voters must make a choice between you and other candidates. You need to make it clear to the voters how you are different from the other candidates in the race by contrasting yourself with them.” Language is one of the best and easiest ways to draw contrast.

Almost all pro-life politicians use “pro-life” as a vague slogan to hide their compromise and apathy. “Pro-life” can mean anything or nothing at all. Almost none of the politicians using this language actually care about abortion. The very politicians keeping abortion legal will often tell you that being pro-life and “the life issue” are the reasons they got into politics in the first place.

Pro-life political messaging is a cesspool of meaningless generalities which serve to delay the abolition of abortion. Abolitionist candidates should not try to blend in with this cesspool. They should rise above it and expose the cesspool for what it is. Call out your opponent for hiding his or her compromise and regulation of abortion behind vague slogans, and be specific in telling voters that you are the strong anti-abortion candidate in the race: an abolitionist.

You might encounter political experts operating on traditional political wisdom who tell you that noncommittal, timid, status quo language is good for your campaign. They are wrong. That may have been the case 20 years ago, but it is not the case in today’s Republican party. Today’s Republican voters have no stomach for milquetoast smooth talkers. They are yearning for candidates who will speak clearly and strongly to important issues. They want abortion abolished. Not wishy-washy pro-life lip service.

As it relates to a platform specifically, there are five points to hit:

  1. The wickedness of the status quo
  2. The failure of compromising pro-life politicians
  3. Abortion must be abolished, not regulated
  4. Interposition against Roe v. Wade
  5. Equal protection for preborn children

An example, which candidates should feel free to use any part or the whole of:

More than 5,000 babies are murdered in Oklahoma every year with the approval of Oklahoma State law. This is a crime against humanity and I am not running for office so that I can pay lip service to the issue and pass do-nothing legislation like most pro-life politicians. I am running to establish justice for preborn children. I promise to author legislation immediately abolishing abortion and providing preborn children the equal protection of the law. It’s time to love our preborn neighbors as ourselves. It’s time to stop compromising with evil. It’s time to stop submitting to Roe v. Wade. It’s time to abolish abortion.

3) Don’t Be a One-Issue Candidate, But Also Don’t Downplay Abortion

There are lots of important political issues: school choice, economic freedom, family rights, gender sanity, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, etc. You need to establish and communicate a just position on these topics. But all of these issues put together do not equal the seriousness and urgency of the abortion holocaust. It would be dehumanizing to preborn children to pretend that their mass murder is just another issue among many. You should address many topics well, but abolishing abortion should feature prominently in your campaign.

4) Do Not Agree to Anything Immoral

The pro-life establishment organizations will send you questionnaires. Most of them will ask whether you support pro-life bills which compromise with abortion. Do not agree to support these bills. We recommend that you ignore those particular questions or ignore the whole questionnaire.

It’s likely that pro-life groups are going to oppose you. The only way to definitely avoid that is to compromise, but that’s not an option. You don’t want to unnecessarily provoke them during a campaign, but if they get involved in the race to support your opponent (which is likely going to occur), then you must expose their reasons for supporting your opponents: namely, that the leading Pro-Life Establishment organizations are frauds which are actively opposing the immediate abolition of abortion, and that they will do everything they can to keep people who will fight to immediately abolish abortion out of office.

5) You Must Honor Christ

“God is sovereign” and “all of life is all about God” are not catch phrases for church services. They are actually true. We must act like it in all spheres of life. We cannot make sacred vs. secular distinctions. There is a view held by some Christians that politics is not about serving our Lord; that it’s simply the negotiation of power. They believe there is a fundamental difference between how Christians should act in the political sphere and how we should act in the rest of our lives; that we must set aside being prophetic in order to be politically effective. And just like that, the door has been opened to any number of compromised means to accomplish an end. Their conduct is no longer subject to principled criticism because they’re in the realm of politics which — in their minds — is not first and foremost about service to Christ. They’re now squarely in the paradigm of trusting in worldly pragmatism instead of providence. They have given up the fifth tenet of abolitionism and have ceased to be abolitionist.

All of life is about serving and glorifying Christ. You don’t get to carve out a piece of your life for yourself or even for a good cause outside of Christ. The reason we fight abortion is to love, serve, and obey Christ. Christ is due honor and service in everything: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). As Abraham Kuyper put it: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!’”

God does not cease to be God in the political realm. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Governing officials are his servants. Further, His Word is no less powerful in the political realm. Abortion and pro-life incrementalism are sins, and the cure to sin is the gospel. As Pastor Dusty Deevers explained in his exposition of the five tenets of abolitionism at the 2021 Abolition Now Conference, we must not engage in sub-Christian strategies that do not hold the gospel as preeminent. Why would we look elsewhere? Where is the power to change culture? Where is the power to change politics? Where is the power to awaken the Church? Where is the power to abolish child sacrifice? It’s in the gospel.

This is not to say there isn’t room for strategic thinking. We should strive for effectiveness and efficiency. There are times to push and times to pull; times for direct confrontation and times for wise maneuvering; times for the hard truth and times for an encouraging word. We must pray for discernment in figuring out the right action for the situation. But any theory of politics that separates prophetic witness and service to Christ from our political endeavors 1) is unbiblical conduct, and 2) compromises effectiveness. Serve and honor Christ in all that you do.

We need to replace worldly compromisers who tolerate child sacrifice with bold Christians who will rescue those being led to slaughter. If you are considering running for public office, contact us here.

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