Guest Article By Karen Cook Cuellar: Independence Day and Romans 13


Today  is the day we Americans celebrate our independence from a tyrannical ruler. The framers rebellion was treason, disobedience to their king and authority, and tax evasion (they revolted over a 3% tax on their tea) so clearly Romans 13 didn’t apply and wasn’t on their minds.

Up until then, our form of government didn’t exist. The framers designed and drafted a new thing, a unique form of government that gave the people the power that only kings and rulers had once held. This “representative” form of government would give the people control and protect them from being ruled by tyrants. Just like when a Christian claims to be a “representative” of Christ, that doesn’t mean we tell Christ what’s best for Him, or how we can improve on His ways, or that we are His king, ruler and authority and He should obey us. Rather, we simply do what He says. Likewise, these representatives would serve the people, we would be the masters and they would be the servants. And, should they ever became disobedient to the people or try to exercise tyrannical power over them, we were given explicit instructions to throw them off just as they had done before.

So go read Romans 13 again and if you live in America, everywhere it says “king, ruler, master, or authority” replace that with “the people.” Then you can go celebrate the complete disobedience to it by our framers, and you’ll no longer be preaching a conflicting, confusing message that completely contradicts itself. Here in this land, under this law, the people are the masters and our framers clearly disregarded Romans 13.

Have a happy treason and rebellion day, I sure am thankful those *Christians* weren’t following Romans 13, aren’t you?



Election Analysis By OCPAC’s John Michener


Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee
“We are about religion and politics, the only two things that matter.”
-John Michener, President
1. Welcome to OCPAC
2. Election Analysis
3. Passage of Medijuana
4. Crazy Election Culture
5. Yanking Yen

1. Welcome to OCPAC. We would like to welcome all the new subscribers to the Oklahoma Conservative PAC weekly update and Facebook group. Our mission is to promote and support public servants who oppose expansive government while promoting liberty, free markets, and Judeo-Christian standards. Welcome aboard.

2. Election Analysis. What can we take away from these primary elections? Broadly speaking, we see that historic trends repeat themselves, and the state of Oklahoma is following the trend of states and nations to become more and more socialistic. The history of nations is that prosperity leads to moral apathy. The people become more interested in free handouts and entertainment than in liberty. Governments enter a cycle of growing taxes to grow programs to grow power to leverage more votes to grow taxes, and the feedback loop accelerates at an alarming rate.

We are now at a tipping point. Just a few years ago, Republicans still understood that taxation is legalized plunder. Those legislators who voted against tax increases were considered principled heroes. Today, however, those legislators who voted against the tax increase find themselves completely defeated at the ballot box or in a runoff.

We have seen the media continually reference the tax hike as the “tax increase to fund teacher pay,” as if tax increases and teacher pay were inseparable. This is an outright lie, of course, especially when both revenue and waste are running at an all-time high. But the media has repeated it so often and so insistently that it has become a fait accompli in the mind of the average citizen.

The government school industry has figured out that they need not simply lobby the legislature for more funding; they can take over the legislature to open the spigot wide. We predict the educrats who are infesting the capitol will soon drive government school funding up to 60% or more of the state budget.

There is now no end in sight to the growth of state government. With a huge revenue surplus projected for next year, you can bet that a state legislature controlled by state employees will gleefully throw huge wads of money in the air and roll in piles of cash. It certainly does not look like the new governor will try to stop them, which brings us to the governor’s race.

Three candidates (Fisher, Jones, and Richardson) presented platforms based on principles. For their efforts, they collectively received only 79,000 votes. Three other candidates (Cornett, Stitt, and Lamb) presented only slogans and empty rhetoric, yet they received 351,000, or 82% of the votes. The modern electorate no longer has any concept of proper government or the rule of law.

More depressing than the condition of the electorate, is the condition of the Christian church in Oklahoma. These election results also reveal that the average self-identifying Christian in Oklahoma is now only a nominal or cultural Christian. When presented with the opportunity to back Pastor Dan Fisher who promised to abolish murder by abortion, the vast majority of Christians said, Yeah, but Thunder basketball. Yeah, but top-ten state. Yeah, but renew our neighborhoods.

The numbers do not lie, and what they tell us is that modern evangelical mega-churches have become nothing more than corporate religious-service providers. They are like gas stations providing a commodity, where church shoppers choose the one that has the cleanest bathrooms and the least bad coffee.

Now, more than ever, the true church must shine like a beacon to push back the threatening darkness. There are at least 35,000 abolitionists in Oklahoma who will not cease to trumpet the efficacy of state sovereignty and our duty to establish justice for our preborn neighbors.

3. Passage of Medijuana. Putting state Question 788 on the primary ballot was a stroke of genius from Mary Fallin, who likely wanted to bring out more non-traditional and progressive voters. The strategy worked, as 188,000 more Republicans voted in this primary election than in the one four years ago. The vast majority of voters have not critically analyzed the details of people or polices upon which they vote. The majority are in favor of legalized marijuana, so when they see that word on the ballot, they vote for it. These thousands of first time primary voters were likely the ones who gave Mick Cornett such a big boost in his numbers. It will be interesting to see if they return to the polls for the runoff, or if Stitt will win in a landslide.

We will now find out how serious the legislators are who voiced concerns over the wording of SQ 788. Its passage created only simple statutory changes, not constitutional changes. Therefore, our legislature can easily change them, or even completely repeal them, by a simple majority vote.

4. Crazy Election Culture. The desire for power makes people do unconscionable things, and we saw some crazy examples of lies and foul play in these elections.

Out in Wagoner, Oklahoma, incumbent RINO Kevin McDugle pulled out all the stops to bully and intimidate his opponent to drop out of the race. In fact, his opponent did suspend his campaign, ceasing all door-knocking, cancelling mailers, and not putting out signs leading up to the election. Even with these dirty pool advantages, McDugle is clinging to a mere five vote lead. Had Mahoney continued campaigning, the vote count might be in Mahoney’s favor. The closeness of the vote demonstrates that in rural Oklahoma, at least, there still exists some outrage over moral issues. The election is not over, as there is evidence of wide-spread irregularities throughout the district, which may lead to a new election or another outcome. Stay tuned for more high drama.

In the governor’s race, Gary Richardson was so desperate to knock Dan Fisher down that he lied on social media, claiming that three other states had already tried to abolish abortion but had failed. Of course, the instances he cited were examples of exactly the same failed pro-life policies Dan Fisher has been criticizing. No state yet has executed Dan’s plan, which was to criminalize all abortion, then enforce the law and ignore the courts.

In another example, Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn was caught red-handed stealing Daren Ward for County Treasurer yard signs. Commissioner Vaughn is a buddy of Daren’s opponent Forrest Butch Freeman, who is a career politician. What makes the whole thing so silly is that Freeman ended up winning with 62% of the vote. Why did Ray Vaughn even think it necessary to steal signs to help his friend? Ray Vaughn has not only been corrupted by years of political power, he is simply an embarrassment. Daren Ward said, “This is just another example of our county’s career politicians doing unethical things to protect each other—it’s infuriating.”

5. Yanking Yen. While we are spiraling ever faster towards a socialist state, there are some lines a statist still cannot cross in Oklahoma. Had Senator Yen stuck to voting for tax increases, growing government fees and regulations, and growing the police state, like almost every other Republican, he likely would have gotten away with it. Our people are now accepting of these policies. But he went one step too far by attacking basic human rights and parental choice. Thank God, Oklahomans still draw the line at state-mandated medical procedures and believe parents, not the state, are the rightful guardians and decision-makers for children. However, if California and Europe are any indication, we will soon be losing these battles, as well.

One thing we learn from the yanking of Yen is that to defeat someone in power requires targeting that district with massive force and focus. Yen was not defeated by one opposing candidate; he was defeated by passionate, principled citizens from all over Oklahoma who focused their resources on his district. Grassroots activists, take note. Fighting a little here and there and everywhere will only lead to losses everywhere. Pick the most important fights and make sure you win them.

Colton Buckley For State House: Your Conservative Candidate With No Strings Attached


Having seen first hand, the detrimental effects to Oklahoma and the control the powers that be such as Fount Holland, Trebor Wortham, and the State Chamber hold over the process gives me great concern for not only the present, but for our children’s future. These power brokers have wielded higher taxes and more government control over We The People in Oklahoma the last several years through the governor and 80% of the state legislature they have put into office.

Colton Buckley is the only candidate in this race not under the influence of these corrupt power brokers, thus the only candidate who will unwaveringly fight for the interests of We The People of the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma.

Please join me in our fight for Life and Liberty and in supporting Colton Buckley for Oklahoma House District 61!


For Liberty,

Kenny Bob Tapp





Colton Buckley

Supreme Court Decision On OK Tax Payer Petition


Today’s Supreme Court decision has provided a major setback in the effort to protect Oklahomans’ tax dollars. For months, Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has struggled with media and unions reporting lies about the petition by falsely stating it was a repeal on teacher pay raises. The effort to REPEAL HB1010XX is to relieve the people from unnecessary and burdensome taxes and had nothing to do with the teacher pay raise. The Supreme Court agreed with that sentiment in their ruling. If the taxes are repealed, the raises remain sacrosanct, as the supremes state on pages 4-5 in their decision.

Because of oversight in communications, scrivener errors and legislative gymnastics, the petition has been ruled invalid in the current form.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! believes in the protection of the taxpayer. At every turn we must ask: who is standing up for us? Our DNA is to fight for injustice perpetrated by all forms of government, after all a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.

We are, at our core, conservatives; and we want the conservation and protection of our money to be our civic leaders’ highest priority. It clearly is not. Governments and politicians have long ago decided that plunder of the taxpayer is acceptable, so they grow government at a rapid rate. As Jefferson states, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” We must fight against this natural progression.

We want to be remembered as men and women who cared too much rather than cared too little, even if that means our grassroots organization makes mistakes along the journey.

Given today’s decision of the OK Supreme Court, our fight is not over, our battle has just begun.

The people did not support this egregious and unnecessary, burdensome tax hike. The people will have their say.

Our mistakes will be corrected. Our motivation has been renewed. Our taxes are OUR money, they are not the governments’ money, and it’s time for all of us to declare that together from our rooftops.

Thank you to all Oklahomans who supported our initial effort. We appreciate all you’ve done to stand up for the Oklahoma taxpayer, the Forgotten Man.

Open Letter: Vote To Abolish Child Sacrifice June 26th

Dear Friends,

Tragically in Oklahoma, 20 children every day are taken to abortion mills in Oklahoma where they are dismembered or chemically burned alive!

I am excited to tell you we have the opportunity to ABOLISH the practice of murdering the most innocent among us! For the first time in Oklahoma history we have a gubernatorial candidate running on the platform, not to regulate, but to completely ABOLISH child sacrifice! Dan Fisher is a Pastor from Yukon and is running to end this evil practice and reassert the sovereignty of Oklahoma, enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

Below is Dan’s plan to end the practice of child sacrifice:

1. Call an emergency special session of the Oklahoma Legislature to criminalize abortion as murder and to remove abortion from the jurisdiction of Oklahoma courts.

2. Instruct law enforcement officials to immediately close every abortion facility in Oklahoma in accordance with their sworn oaths of office.

3. Ignore all court orders to thwart the will of the people and advise Oklahoma officials to ignore any federal court summons.

4. Call upon President Trump to stand with Oklahoma, as we peacefully resolve this matter of jurisdiction.

5. Call for judicial reforms which would remove the power of judicial review from the courts.

6. Call upon Christians in Oklahoma to practice pure and undefiled religion (James 1:27), assisting mothers and fathers who would have formerly sought abortion.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to vote to ABOLISH child sacrifice, June 26th in the Oklahoma Republican Gubernatorial Primary!


Thank you and God bless,
Kenny Bob Tapp
Dan Fisher For Governor Northwest Oklahoma Field Representative

P.S. Please check out Dan’s entire platform at!IMG_2809.JPG



As you visit with politicians and read their mailers, you’ll likely be told they are “Conservative”. Do Conservatives support the recent largest tax increase in Oklahoma history? Do Conservatives support increased GPT on oil and gas (which affects us all)? Do Conservatives support more increase in government involvement in our lives?
When greeted by a candidate who uses the label “Conservative” like it’s toilet paper, be sure to grill the heck out of them.

Cimarron County Republicans To Host HD 61 Candidate Forum May 25th


Dear voters of Cimarron County and HD 61,

We will be having a House District 61 Candidate Forum on Friday, May 25th, at 7pm in the PTCI meeting room in Boise City. We would love to see you in attendance to meet with the candidates that are seeking your votes for the primary (June 26th). The meeting will be set up in such a way that you can ask questions of the candidates from the floor so come prepared. Each candidate will also have the opportunity for opening and closing statements.
I will also try to livestream the video on Facebook for those that cannot make it but if you have any questions for the candidates, please try to attend so we can assure they are asked. It will be “first come, first serve” on question sign up so everyone has their opportunity.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!

LeLayne Smith
Cimarron County GOP Chair

Veto Referendum Petition Ready-Let The People Decide

IMG_2605.JPGMany have inquired when they would be able to sign the Voter Referendum Petition to give the people of Oklahoma the opportunity to reject or retain the largest wealth redistribution tax increase  passed in Oklahoma history  (half a billion dollars) by the State Legislature and Governor.  The moment has arrived and below is the press release from Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!


May 1, 2018

The passage of House Bill 1010XX in March was the largest tax hike in our state history. Taxes were raised without any fiscally responsible requests for audits and ultimate reforms. People are rightfully angry with a system that keeps coming back to the people making monetary demands through taxation rather than cleaning up the obvious fraud or mismanagement (or theft) in far too many state agencies.
Each month there is a new scandal revealed with several millions (or hundreds of millions) of dollars missing. Last week, $230 Million missing from Oklahoma Department of Transportation was revealed. The taxpayers are fed up.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has been in contact with legislative leadership and has requested reforms and supported several well-meaning bills, only to be thrown out and not heard by this legislature. Thankfully the Oklahoma State Constitution allows for the people of Oklahoma to have the ultimate power through their vote at the ballot box through a Veto Referendum. Let those who pay, have a say!
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has responded to the cry of the taxpayer. Oklahomans are concerned and dismayed at the handling of our finances for many years and are filing a veto referendum petition for circulation to allow the citizens of Oklahoma the opportunity to vote on the repeal of HB1010XX. This veto, if successful, will force the legislature to do the work of the needed deep dives, investigations and discovery regarding Oklahoma taxpayers’ money.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! starts collecting the necessary signatures today to have HB1010XX placed on the ballot for a vote of the people.

You can find out how to sign the petition at

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is an all grassroots force and we welcome your participation. To join our effort, please fill out the volunteer form on our website and also subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.
To donate to our effort, there is a secure donate button on our website, thank you for anything you can help with!

Linda Murphy Announces for Oklahoma State Superintendent


Linda Murphy Announces Candidacy for State Superintendent
Friday, April 13, 2018 – by Jamison Faught


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 13th, 2018 — I am filing for State Superintendent today because I believe Oklahomans want new leadership in education. We have seen the lack of leadership over the last two weeks where the OEA union, which gave money to help elect Joy Hofmeister in 2014, took over leadership in our state capitol.

Oklahoma’s public schools can provide excellence in education when we allow teachers to teach without forcing experimental programs into the classroom. That includes the nationalized testing, which has been implemented as part of Hofmeister’s new plan. Student testing should be academic and align with the curriculum used by the teacher. Local schools should be allowed to make decisions about their schools, students, methods and materials.

In many schools, special education programs have suffered and must be improved. This is an area where I have been certified by the state for many years. The developmental level of students must be understood and considered to allow them to learn to their fullest potential.

There is no “one size” fits all solution that can be mandated that will improve education. We need to stop those mandates and the millions of dollars we spend when we try to control from the top down.

Oklahoma’s public-school funding should be directed to the classrooms. These changes will provide an environment where students love learning and teachers love teaching!

Linda Murphy ran for State Superintendent in 1994, where she received 49.5% of the votes. She was Education Advisor to Governor Frank Keating and Deputy Commissioner of Labor for Workforce Education and Training. Linda is a founding partner in GPS -Guidance and Policy Solutions, public policy consulting group which provides solutions that help grow Oklahoma’s prosperity with smaller government and local control.

Original story here:


Brecheen, Dahm demand end to corporate welfare for wind industry

By Jamison Faught


Senators demand legislature end corporate welfare for wind industry
Bills filed to stop wind energy tax credits and give millions to schools and vital state services

Oklahoma State Senators Josh Brecheen and Nathan Dahm filed legislation Monday that would end check-in-the-mail tax credit payouts paid to wind energy companies who are exempt from paying income taxes. Oklahoma will pay $500-$750 million in tax credits to wind energy companies over the next 10 years. Approximately 93 percent of the payments will go to foreign and out-of-state shareholders.


Senator Josh Brecheen


Senate Bill 888 and SB 6xx would halt the annual $70 million payout, freeing up additional money for education, health care and other core government services. Both bills would only require a 51 percent vote to pass as compared to other ideas to place a tax on the industry, which require an almost unattainable 75 percent vote to pass.

“This $70 million annual corporate welfare payment must end,” said Brecheen, R-Coalgate. “It’s time for the voice of the taxpayer to overshadow the voices of the 50 foreign and out-of-state paid lobbyists. Big Wind executives in Italy and Spain aren’t concerned about our taxpayers subsidizing them nor are they concerned about our students, teachers, hospitals, nursing homes, law enforcement agencies and other important state services.”

Sen. Dahm said it was not right to continue paying wind energy tax credits when the Legislature was raising taxes on other Oklahoma taxpayers.

“Oklahoma taxpayers have been asked to shoulder a larger tax burden to pay our teachers and fund our schools – but the wind industry is fighting to keep its sweetheart deals and taxpayer handouts in addition to receiving a federal tax credit, property tax exemptions, and more.” said Dahm. “We should not be taking money out of the wallets of every Oklahoman by raising their taxes while continuing to cut a check for $70 million to the wind industry every year.”


Senator Nathan Dahm



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