The Most Wasteful Item of State Government Spending

By Representative Jason Murphey

IMG_2255When asked to point out what I believe to be the most wasteful and inappropriate form of government spending, I can answer without hesitation. Without a doubt, it is the extremely inappropriate tendency of government agencies to hire private lobbying firms.

It’s a practice known as “taxpayer-funded lobbying,” or government paying to lobby government on behalf of government.

Imagine the plight of the CEO whose Board of Directors has made the shocking discovery that a division of the company has been paying outside agents to lobby another division of the same company and against the best interests of the customers of the company.

How could the CEO ever defend this practice? Of course this would never happen.

Unlike the business world, it has become acceptable for state government to silo itself off into inefficient, separate divisions that burn through taxpayer money while jockeying against one another.

The practice should be halted at once and the agencies that receive appropriations and that have hired lobbyists should receive an immediate and corresponding decreasing in appropriations.

Those agencies that do not receive appropriations, but still hire lobbyists, should be required to either lower their fees or submit the differential back to the state’s’ general fund.

Like me, you likely find this practice to be completely indefensible. You are probably also not happy that the Legislature is attempting to increase your taxes while the government is still significantly subsidising the private lobbying industry with its policy of taxpayer-funded lobbying.

You should know that I have on multiple occasions sponsored legislation to end this practice.

The proposal has always been rejected by the Legislature and this I know: as long as Oklahoma lawmakers can get away with raising taxes, they will likely continue to waste taxpayer funds on inappropriate expenditures such as subsidies to the private lobbying industry.

Absent legislative action, Oklahoma’s governor should follow the example of the governor of Arizona who recently issued an executive order to prevent many of their state government entities from hiring lobbyists.

It’s absolutely unconscionable to me that many of Oklahoma’s politicians are attempting to enact a 35% increase in your state gas tax while spending what appears to be an ever-increasing amount on private sector lobbyists.

You should never believe that state government needs more of your money. If they still have enough to spend on subsidising private lobbying firms, they do not need more from you!

Jason Murphey


Protect The Panhandle/Northwest OK-Say No To Status Quo

I urge Conservatives to make it to the polls today for the Senate District 27 Special Election. There is no Run-Off Election, so the winner tonight will face the Democrat in February and will be our next State Senator.
The majority of the Oklahoma Legislature have allowed themselves to be controlled by Special Interests and the Oklahoma State Chamber for kick backs and power, thus throwing Oklahoma in a self inflicted budget shortfall and destroying more of our freedoms.
Knowing every candidate and all of the positions they have made public, the front runner who will fight to protect your freedoms, not destroy them, the front runner who will fight for fiscal conservative principles, not increase your taxes, is Carolyn McLarty.
Protect the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma by choosing the proven Conservative leader, not the Status Quo.IMG_2188.JPG

Integrity or Disaster


By Joshua Tapp

When a politician votes poorly, he has two choices. He can follow Davy Crockett’s example, admit he was wrong, promise to not repeat his mistakes and keep his word; or he can deny his voting record and lie through his teeth. It should be obvious that any politician that chooses to do the latter will continue to sell out his constituents for his own purposes.

IMG_2185.JPGBelow is the Davey Crocket story, “Not Yours To Give” in a You Tube video:

What’s Negative Campaigning?

IMG_2167A thought I had with the Senate 27 Special Election ramping up.
You will or have already heard the phrase “Negative Campaigning”.

What should a person look for to verify “Negative Campaigning”? False, unfounded claims on a candidate’s words or candidate’s voting record, publicizing about a candidate’s private life or family that has nothing to do with the office the candidate seeks to hold.

Often, holding a candidate accountable to their voting record or what they have said publicly is mistaken for “Negative Campaigning”, while in fact it is positively shining the light on issues effecting the office they seek to hold, thus a “Positive Campaign”.

While making a claim on a candidate’s record or public words, it is wise and necessary to have the proof/information on hand to back up such a claim to avoid the stigma of a “Negative Campaigner”.

Murdock Claims Senate Opponents Guilty of His Actions


SB 1616 is the budget bill from 2016 and SB 860 is the budget bill from the 2017 regular session. Both contained around 50 million in cuts for the County Road and Bridge Fund, a total of 100 million. (*1) (*2)
While Representative Murdock voted in the 2017 special session against cutting the County Road and Bridge fund, he voted to cut it in the 2016 and 2017 regular sessions! (*3) (*4)
Yet he has the gall to claim out of thin air that his opponents in the Senate District 27 Special Election race support defunding County Roads and Bridges in his recent campaign mail pieces! Sadly Representative Murdock lacks the vital virtue that a Senator or Representative in the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma must possess, Truth.
I’m confident the Oklahoma Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma desire this vital virtue in their representation.


Murdock Signals ‘Desperation’ – Attacks McLarty In Senate Race


By Sooner Politics:

The special election to replace the disgraced Bryce Marlatt in the Oklahoma Senate is getting muddy. Casey Murdock is now launching a speculative attack on one of the most dedicated champions of the Republican Platform, Carolyn McLarty. Dr. McLarty has been an effective defender of Oklahoma fiscal and social conservatism as a member of the Republican National Committee & Chairing a subcommittee of the national party’s platform committee.

OKGOP leaders have expressed great disappointment at Murdock’s besmirching of the retired veterinary physician from Woodward. McLarty has long been an active member of Oklahoma Eagle Forum and the Federation of Republican Women.

McLarty’s advocacy for traditional conservative values is far more reliable than is Murdock’s shameful score of just 10% Conservative in the 2017 Conservative Index, and he scored a ZERO % Republican in the RINO Index for 2017….  Read more here:



Murdock Claim On Opposing Ad-Valorem Taxes Is Not Quite The Case

In Senate District 27 with the ongoing Special Election to replace Senator Bryce Marlatt, voters are being inundated with campaign mailers.  Often these mail pieces are filled with rhetoric which will conflict with the politician’s voting record.

One such piece from Representative Casey Murdock proclaims, “Casey opposed expanding ad-valorem taxes”.   In truth, last year Representative Murdock along with former Senator Bryce Marlatt authored the infamous HB 2658.

IMG_1959.JPGHB 2658 would have levied an ad-valorum tax on School Land leasees only in Cimarron County.   (

Not only do conservatives hold concerns with proposed tax increases but those who hold Farm Bureau membership might recall the organization’s policy in opposing ad valorum taxes.

Recently Representative Murdock also joined the Tax and Spenders in OKC in voting for (HB 1054 )the largest proposed tax increase in Oklahoma history.   HB 1054 if passed would have dealt a blow to rural Oklahoma, raising motor fuel, 6 cents a gallon as well as raising the GPT which would in turn effect the consumer, it also applied additional taxes on tobacco, and beer.

I pray that voters will see through smooth talk, deceptive mail pieces and take the time to review a voting record which will shine light on truth.  Remember, as my friend Richard Engle recently stated: “Tax increases are never Conservative!”


OK GOP Passes Resolution Commending 22 Courageous GOP Reps Opposing Largest Tax Increase In State History

(Original Resolution Prior To Amendment)IMG_1945Today, Saturday Nov 11th the OKGOP State Committee passed a resolution commending the courageous 22 Republican State Representatives who stopped the proposed largest tax increase in Oklahoma history.  The motion to adopt the resolution passed 50-28.  An amendment which passed struck three paragraphs and two words out of the original resolution.  The State Committee also passed a motion to release the resolution on Wednesday, after Tuesday’s special elections.

On November 8, 2017, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted 71 to 27 to pass HB 1054.  Fortunately for the 3/4 Constitutional requirement for tax increases to become law, HB 1054 failed.

This author also wishes to commend the 5 courageous Democrats who chose to stand on Principle with the 22 Representatives in the Conservative Republican minority.


(Final Amended Resolution)