kenny-bob-and-rachel-on-the-ranchSummary:  Kenny Bob Tapp and his wife Rachel work on their family ranch in Northern Cimarron County in the OK Panhandle.

Tapp is a Oklahoma Panhandle 4th generation rancher.  His great Grandfather Edmond Pendleton Tapp bought their ranch in the 50’s and soon turned it into a Beefmaster cow/calf operation which is continued to this day.

Kenny Bob Tapp was a 2012 Republican National Delegate in Tampa, Florida,  Past Cimarron County Republican Chairman (2009-2013) and Former Republican Candidate for Sate House District 61 (2014).

Kenny Bob has been involved in fighting for Pro-Life,  Property Rights, 2nd Amendment issues as an involved citizen all of his adult life (as well as growing up!).

More Detail:  My name is Kenny Bob Tapp.  I was born, raised, and educated in Cimarron County in the western part of the Oklahoma Panhandle.  I grew up on our family ranch, and was home educated by my wonderful parents.  At an early age I was able to expand my interest in the history and the values of our Republic.  I developed a great love and interest in the roots of our unique form of government and its principles.  I believe those basics made our nation one of the most successful and prosperous nations on earth.

As a rancher who has had the opportunity to work various jobs since the age of 14, I have a special appreciation for small, main-street businesses, as well as family farms and ranches. I understand the burden that big government has on small businesses, and further understand that one-size-fits-all  rules and regulations don’t work in our diverse state.

At age of seventeen, I was knocking doors for Dr. Coburn’s Senate campaign.  Inspired by his book, Breach of Trust,  I would like to apply many of those principles to state government.  For example, standing firm for your convictions and doing what is right in the face of great opposition and the status quo.  The ideals found in his book so influenced me, that I was encouraged when Ron Paul, the first “Dr. No” would often stand alone on his principles and convictions.  I had the honor and opportunity to work on Ron Paul’s presidential race in 2008 and 2012 as a county leader.

In his book, Dr. Coburn used the story of Davy Crocket, Not Yours To Give,  to illustrate personal responsibility vs. government’s role in the lives of Americans.  These ideals motivated me to work on former State Senator Randy Brogdon’s gubernatorial campaign in 2009-2010, in addition to other campaigns and issues/initiatives both locally and with statewide teams.

I became a registered Republican shortly after my 18th birthday, and at 21, I became a delegate in Cimarron County’s GOP and have served as County Chairman from 2009 to 2013.  I was privileged to serve as a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

As an Oklahoman, I am passionate about fighting for the unalienable right to life of the unborn, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to unregulated private property ownership, and reducing the size of government, thus reducing taxation and spending.  To effect these Oklahoma values, I believe it is citizen legislators and statesmen, rather than career politicians, that will do it.  It is my belief that in protecting the unalienable rights given to us by the Creator, the basics for government as found in the Constitution, and the basics for personal responsibility as found in the 10 Commandments.

With strong Oklahoma, old-fashioned values, a strong work ethic, and a less is more philosophy of government, I was a candidate for state representative in Oklahoma’s District 61 (2014).  Although I did not win, I deeply appreciate your support, your friendship, and your confidence.  I look forward to working together with you to ensure the blessings of life and liberty for our families and our communities in many ways in the years to come.

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