Contact Charles McCall To Support OK House Abolition of Abortion Bill ASAP

From Free The States:


Email and call Speaker of the House, Charles McCall. Urge him kindly and directly to support HB4111, the bill to criminalize the murder of preborn humans in Oklahoma. A short message letting him know that you are an abolitionist living and voting in the state of Oklahoma and that you support HB4111 will suffice. (This is the quickest and easiest thing you can do right now to help establish justice for your preborn neighbors. Please take a moment and do this simple task).

As Speaker of the House, McCall has a responsibility to hear the concerns of all Oklahoma citizens as he largely determines what bills will be heard and supported in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Right now, the fate of the Oklahoma abolition bill rests almost entirely in his hands.

Encourage McCall to show his support of abolition by urging Rep. Mike Osburn, chair of the Oklahoma Rules Committee, to hear and pass HB4111 out of committee and onto the House Floor for a full vote. Ask McCall to public support abolishing ab0rt1on and cast his vote in favor of HB4111 as an Ex Officio voting member on all House Committees.

CALL: 405-557-7412

You can read HB4111 (authored by Rep. Mark Vancuren with co-authors Frix, Hardin, McDugle, Randleman, and Sneed.) here:

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