2000-3000 Gather To Demand Abortion Abolished In Oklahoma

By Kenny Bob Tapp


With continued opposition to abolishing abortion in Oklahoma by Senate Pro-Tem, Greg Treat, Oklahoma legislative and Capitol leadership, estimates say between 2000-3000 Oklahoma Abolitionists and many Abolitionists across the country showed up to rally outside the Capitol Building In OKC on Tuesday.

7D297B8D-B724-4B43-8B8A-62E92555A725While Senator Greg Treat continues to state that SB 13 (Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act) is unconstitutional those attending the Abolition Day Rally heard from SB13 Author Joseph Silk, many Baptist/Christian leaders and Oklahoma Republican Party leaders regarding the bill’s consistency with the Principles of Liberty, the Constitution and God’s Word.

75931176-562A-4FC1-A7DD-A2A91067CE0AAfter the Rally, long lines with many small children waited in the cold to trail into the Capitol to convey upon their Representatives and Senators the importance of passing SB 13.

1FC11F9B-E222-4BB9-8563-CAC99B965186When Oklahomans were almost done visiting with their legislators, we heard from Senator Joseph Silk that the Health and Human Services Chair, Senator Greg McCortney would review the language in SB 13.  McCortney said if he decides to allow it a hearing in Committee, it will be next Monday so SB 13 could likely be placed on the Committee calendar Thursday.





Video From The Abolition Day Rally

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