NW Oklahoma’s Senator Casey Murdock 4th Co-Author of SB13 (Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act)

Today, Senator Casey Murdock of Felt joined Senators Nathan Dahm, Mark Allen, and Mark Scott as Co-Authors to Senator Joseph Silk’s SB 13 (The Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act). Senator David Bullard is also said to become a Co-Author.

SB 13 recognizes that life begins from the moment of conception and will criminalize abortion as murder.

Senator Murdock and other Senators also joined Senator Silk who penned a letter calling President Donald Trump and US Attorney General William Barr to meet with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt regarding SB 13 which would establish the most pro-life precedent of any state in the nation.“



We encourage other Oklahoma State Senators who claim to be “Pro-Life” to Co-Author SB 13, to put up or shut up.  SB 13 is currently being held up by so call “Pro-lifers”, Senate Pro-Tem Greg Treat and Senator Jason Smalley, Chair of The Health and Human Services Committee where the bill is in.

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