Save Our Babies: Guest Opinion By Larry Williamson

By Larry Williamson

Those who esteem the sanctity of life, and, therefore, fight for the right to life, have a chance tochange the world this year, and as Governor Stitt might put it, the change can begin “RIGHTHERE, RIGHT NOW!” Senator Joseph Silk has authored Oklahoma Senate Bill 13, which wouldabolish legal abortion in Oklahoma. It is long past time to end the travesty of abortion, whichhas slaughtered millions of innocent human lives and set into motion many far-reachingconsequences. Such consequences include the decimation of our native population – with far-reaching consequences of its own, and the decimation of our nation spiritually. We now haveelected Democrat officials – such as Virginia State Delegate Kathy Tran – calling for thelegalization of infanticide. We who fight for life would love nothing better than to see anOklahoma law abolishing abortion be the one tested in a conservative United States SupremeCourt, and thereby become the basis for overturning Roe v. Wade. Please join the battle to pass and enact SB13. The first important step toward that end would befor you to visit, phone or write PAPER letters to Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David (phone:405-521-5590) and Senate President Pro-Tempore Greg Treat (405-521-5632) asking them toreconsider and reverse their decision to double-assign the bill to the Appropriations Committee.Ask them to remove this assignment to the Appropriations Committee, and leave the billproperly assigned just to its standing committee, the Health and Human Services Committee. Ithas already been assigned to that Committee, where it would now have to pass just to begin adifficult journey through the Appropriations Committee, whose Chairman is likely unfriendly tothe bill. This double-assignment creates a second, unnecessary and high hurdle to the chancesof the bill ever receiving a vote on the floor of the Senate.Secondly it is also time to visit, phone or write PAPER letters (come on, you can afford a stamp –emails are probably the least effective way of contacting legislators) to the members of theSenate Health and Human Services Committee, asking them to support and vote for SB13 intheir Committee. This Committee could hear the bill as early as next Monday afternoon. As greatas attending the big rally to support the bill planned for February 12 at the Capitol might be,without your support NOW SB13 might have already died in committee Monday afternoon, inwhich case the rally might be just a moot point. First contact the Chairman of this Committee,Jason Smalley (405-521-5547) and its Vice-Chairman Greg McCortney (405-521-5541), and letthem know why passage of SB13 is important and asking them to let it be heard and to vote forit. Next, please contact the rest of the committee members to tell them why it is important, andask them to vote for it. Other than the Chair, Vice-Chair and Senator Silk, here are the othermembers of the Health and Human Services Committee:Senator Bill Coleman (405-521-5581)Senator Julie Daniels (405-521-5634)Senator Carri Hicks (405-521-5543)Senator Allison Ikley-Freeman (405-521-5600)Senator Adam Pugh (405-521-5622)Senator Paul Rosino (405-521-5618)Senator Paul Scott (405-521-5522)Senator Frank Simpson (405-521-5607)Senator Rob Standridge (405-521-5535)Senator George Young (405-521-5580) Thank you for joining in the fight to preserve our First Liberty: the God-given RIGHT TO LIFE!


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