Most Important Meeting You Will Attend: Abolish Abortion OK 2019 Conference

IMG_3413.PNGDear Friends,

Senator Joseph Silk has authored SB 13 (Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act) .
SB 13, if passed will criminalize abortion as murder, ending Oklahoma’s Holocaust which ends the lives of 5000 innocent unborn children annually.
I encourage you to attend the rally in support of SB 13 at the capitol, February 12th beginning at 10am. We will hear from speakers as well has lobby senators to support SB 13. This will be one of the most vital events you will ever attend. With your help Oklahoma will be on it’s way to being the first Sanctuary State for the unborn.
There is no charge to attend the rally and help but you can register at if you wish, to help with the cause and pick up some shirts and literature.
With God’s help and you we can we bring an end to Oklahoma’s Holocaust in 2019.
Hope to see you there!
For Life,
Kenny Bob Tapp

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