Canadian County Republican Chair Submits Business/Discussion Request For 12-1-18 OKGOP State Committee Meeting

Canadian County Republican Chair, Andrew Lopez recently submitted a couple of items to discuss and possibly act upon to Oklahoma Republican Chair Pam Pollard for the upcoming quarterly Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting, Saturday, December 1st.  Below is  Chairman Lopez’s submission.


Good Afternoon, Pam,

I would like to add a couple items for discussion on the agenda for our state committee meeting for December 1. You have likely seen the New York Times article about Rep. Chris Kannaday orchestrating campaigns against the legislators who did not vote for the the tax increase this year. A link to the article is here: The contents of this article are concerning, with Rep. Kannaday making the claim that the new slate of legislators are now “unified as one.” The question that begs to be answered is “Unified for what purpose?” He also called the legislators who were promoting Republican principles by not supporting the tax increase a “cancer” that needed to be removed. It appears that there is an organized plan that has been enacted to accomplish objectives that are not in the common interests of the Citizens of Oklahoma or in the common defense of our rights and liberties. It appears that Rep. Kannaday is part of an agenda to benefit certain business interests and groups, as stated in the article that “an array of business interests [were] helping fund the operation.” People do not contribute to an effort such as this without believing they will benefit in some way. This expected benefit would be an abuse and corruption of our government. We need to discuss this article at the next state committee meeting and determine what action we as a party should take based on its content.

Another issue that I would like to discuss at the next state committee meeting is directing our legislature to eliminate the state’s involvement in our partisan primary and runoff elections. It is an improper function of government to operate the candidate selection processes for private organizations and it also opens the door for people of incongruent beliefs to high-jack our party’s nomination by registering as Republican and running in the primary, i.e. Democrats switching party to give themselves better chances to win office. Furthermore, people should only register with the state to become a voter, not to be affiliated with any given party. To join a political party, citizens should register with that group, not the government. It is interference with our right to affiliation for the State of Oklahoma to insert itself into party affiliation registration. By holding our own caucuses for candidate selection, participation in our party will grow, money will be saved and we will have a greater capacity to influence government through the growth of our party.

This is a link to one of Canadian County’s recent meetings where we discuss the state’s involvement in our partisan elections and the problems it causes. It is very informative and worth the watch.

I’m looking forward to the meeting on December 1.

Andrew Lopez, Chairman
Canadian County Republican Party



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