Guest Article By Karen Cook Cuellar: Independence Day and Romans 13


Today  is the day we Americans celebrate our independence from a tyrannical ruler. The framers rebellion was treason, disobedience to their king and authority, and tax evasion (they revolted over a 3% tax on their tea) so clearly Romans 13 didn’t apply and wasn’t on their minds.

Up until then, our form of government didn’t exist. The framers designed and drafted a new thing, a unique form of government that gave the people the power that only kings and rulers had once held. This “representative” form of government would give the people control and protect them from being ruled by tyrants. Just like when a Christian claims to be a “representative” of Christ, that doesn’t mean we tell Christ what’s best for Him, or how we can improve on His ways, or that we are His king, ruler and authority and He should obey us. Rather, we simply do what He says. Likewise, these representatives would serve the people, we would be the masters and they would be the servants. And, should they ever became disobedient to the people or try to exercise tyrannical power over them, we were given explicit instructions to throw them off just as they had done before.

So go read Romans 13 again and if you live in America, everywhere it says “king, ruler, master, or authority” replace that with “the people.” Then you can go celebrate the complete disobedience to it by our framers, and you’ll no longer be preaching a conflicting, confusing message that completely contradicts itself. Here in this land, under this law, the people are the masters and our framers clearly disregarded Romans 13.

Have a happy treason and rebellion day, I sure am thankful those *Christians* weren’t following Romans 13, aren’t you?



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