Step Up Oklahoma; Step Down For Oklahoma Taxpayer

IMG_2332.JPGBy Kenny Bob Tapp

In the 2017 regular and special sessions the Governor and State Legislature faced defeat by We The People on several of their efforts to shake the Oklahoma Taxpayer down to fill their self induced almost $1 billion budget shortfall.
In the early 90’s to thwart the Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat majority, citizens passed ballot initiative State Question 640 which put a 3/4 threshold vote in the legislature before anymore tax/revenue measures could be passed on the citizenry. Fast forward to the 2017 session, a Liberal (r)epublican Legislative majority and Governor are infuriated that most of their tax increase attempts have been blocked by SQ 640.

In an attempt to get Oklahomans on board with passing the largest tax increase proposal in state history worth over $800 million, Governor Fallin has joined with a Tall Building Crowd and Oklahoma State Chamber organization, Step Up Oklahoma.

Step Up Oklahoma has unveiled a plan that not only includes tax increase proposals on tobacco, the oil industry, 6 cents on motor vehicle fuel but also a tax increase on the state income tax. To add insult to injury, Step Up is promoting legislation to propose a State Question to repeal the 3/4 threshold SQ 640 Taxpayer Protection and replace it with a mere 60% threshold when passing tax/revenue increase measures in the legislature. This simple 10% over the majority vote would make it open season every time the State Legislature and Governor wanted to shake down taxpayers.

This Monday and the following days of Session, we will see many of these proposals come before committee and floor votes in the State Senate and State House. Oklahomans must contact their state legislators ASAP and demand nothing short of cuts to waste and streamlining government.

Several proposals to streamline government and waste in order to fill the self induced budget shortfall have been offered by Conservative groups and legislators only to be rejected by the Tax and Spend legislative majority and Governor.  I point to a handful here:

As President Ronald Reagan said: “The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much.”

Don’t Step Up to the gallows, call your State Legislators today!


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