Sunday Sermon: Abort Abortion

Full story on Sooner Politics By Randy Brogdon:

I started a Facebook conversation by asking, if what you believed to be true was actually false, would you want to know the truth? Then I ended by asking what was more important, legislative intervention to fix political corruption or stop the murder of unborn babies.
The answers were as varied as I suspected they would be. But the Truth spoken by God Himself leaves no doubt about the correct answer. It’s B. Stop the murder!
Right now, I’m only speaking to God-fearing Christians who truly want to know the truth and honor God by living their life holy and acceptable to Him. If that’s you, then please prayerfully consider the following truths I’m about to share.
Proverbs 24:11 Rescue those being led away to death…(abortion)
Matthew 22:37 Love God with all your heart…love your neighbor as yourself (the unborn are our neighbors)
Matthew 23:23 Woe to you hypocrites, teachers of the law who ignore the most important matters of justice, mercy, and faithfulness (pastors, Christian and Pro-life leaders and policy makers)
James 4:17 Anyone who knows right and doesn’t do it, sins…  Rest of the story here:

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