Let Not Their Sacrifice Be In Vain

There is no greater love than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Remembering those who gave all, that we might be free.
Let not the ultimate sacrifices of these brave men and women be in vain. Stand up and be counted. The inalienable rights that our loving Creator has bequeathed our Republic are almost lost. Pray and get involved.IMG_1193.JPG


Brogdon Condemns Unconstitutional OK Legislature Revenue Votes

By Randy Brogdon

IMG_1181Apparently almost everyone except the politicians (republicans) in OKC understand that revenue cannot be raised in the last 5 days of session. Article 5 Sec 33 is written in eighth grade English and clearly exempts all revenue raising measures. Changing the word “tax” to “fee” doesn’t change the meaning of the law. One would assume that those casting unconstitutional votes this week either didn’t understand the eighth grade language or they choose to ignore it. Either way they need to be promoted to citizenship back in their district and replaced with someone who cares about the rule of law. The republicans involved in this bate and switch game need to be replaced in 2018.

Lawless House Committee Passes Revenue In Spite of Constitution

Tonight with less than five days of the Oklahoma Legislative Session to go, the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget passed HB 2433 which raises the tax on new and used purchased vehicles to 1.25%. The committee also passed SB 845 which raises the tax on cigarettes by $1.50 a pack. HB2433 and SB 845 are now headed to the House Floor and could possibly be voted on tomorrow.

According to the Oklahoma Constitution there is one huge problem. Section 33 B. states: “No revenue bill shall be passed during the five last days of the session.”

Sadly we have a legislature so obsessed with digging into Oklahoman’s pockets that they will stop at nothing, not even the law of the land.


Stop The Semantics Game and Cut Spending

With a few days to go until the 2017 Oklahoma Legislature adjourns and a $878 million dollar budget shortfall looming over Oklahoma, we have heard every thing from increasing taxes on oil production to fuel and cigarettes.  There has been very little discussion from capitol leadership and the media on cutting waste and then only using our dollars for core functions of government.

One example of how seriously our legislature is taking the budget crisis: Last night the House Joint Committee On Appropriations & Budget rejected legislation by Representative George Faught which would cut $30 million dollars of waste that the state spends on swag (pins, pens, stickers, calendars, etc.). http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf/2017-18%20SUPPORT%20DOCUMENTS/votes/House/HB2405_VOTES.HTM
But apparently our “wise” public servants are obsessed with milking you the Taxpayer for more dollars to quench their thirst for bloated government instead of getting to work on much needed cuts.

Now the legislature is working on a plan to change the $1.50 cigarette tax proposal to a “fee” to avoid the Constitutional requirement of needing a 3/4 vote of the legislature to pass a tax. This plan also hosts a 1.25 percent levy on the sale of new and used vehicles.
House Leadership claims the new vehicle levy doesn’t violate the 3/4 vote Constitutional requirement because the levy removes an exemption.

The Tax, Tax, Tax Crowd on Lincoln Boulevard may think they are almost home free on raiding your pockets again or are they? It appears a wrench may have been thrown into their plans. https://www.sos.ok.gov/documents/questions/640.pdf

A State Constitutional requirement passed in the early nineties with the 3/4 legislative votes requirement for raising taxes as well with a provision which prohibits the legislature from passing REVENUE increase measures within 5 days of the legislature adjourning.  Taxes as well as fees are all viewed as revenue by the State of Oklahoma, so we shall see if the powers that be on Lincoln Boulevard have any more tricks in their bag of tricks.  Stop the semantics game and cut spending!

We Are Seriously Not Having the Right Conversation! — It is the Spending Stupid!

By Sandra Crosnoe via Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Color me livid.  We have lost before we even get started if we don’t correct this matter.  

Let me see if I can show you  how this game actually works.

Case 1:  I say lets cut taxes 20%  and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%.  You think you won because we cut taxes a little.  Spending wasn’t reduced one iota in this scenario!  The revenue will have to be raised somehow by this generation or the next.

Amount saved 0%

Case 2:  What if the opening gambit had been let’s cut spending 20% and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%.  In this scenario we both won and spending was actually reduced a little right here and now.

Amount saved 15%

Do you see the difference?  Please think about it.  Shift the conversation.  Talking about taxes is a trap and you loose no matter what the compromise position is.  Here’s a sample letter if it helps you get started:

Dear Representative,

I don’t want to hear another word about taxes.

Not one single solitary word.

Don’t even think about raising them – not on me and not on my neighbors either!

Don’t come to any of us asking for more money.  We are united on this matter.

You already have plenty.

You simply have not learned to prioritize correctly.

It is really pretty easy.

Do not spend more money than you have.  Do not ask me for more.

Let’s see how much government we can cut before anyone (not on the payroll actually misses any of it).

Thank you for getting our spending priorities in order and balancing our budget.  It is after all what we elected you to do.


A Taxpayer

For Reference:

By the numbers: Winners and losers of Oklahoma’s proposed budget

Post originated via Finding Gems & Sharing Them – We Are Seriously Not Having the Right Conversation! It is the Spending Stupid

Oklahomans Must Take Back Narrative

We must redefine the narrative which has been hijacked by the media and progressives in OKC. They have coined the discussion.

On one hand you have the attack on this state’s bread basket (the oil industry) and on the other hand you have the attack on the average citizen’s pockets and household budget.

Both spawn the same results of more control, enslavement, and repeating the cycle, year after year, of bad budgeting and the shake down on Oklahomans continuing.

Oklahomans must find a way to knock that coin off the table and regain the narrative. STOP THE FRIVOLOUS SPENDING and return to Fiscal Conservatism.IMG_1168

Jason Timm Shares Dave Ramsey Wisdom On Handling State Budget Woes

By Jason Timm

Dave Ramsey tells families in debt to start selling off their non essential stuff. Have a garage sale. He says to sell so much stuff you have the kids worried they are next.

It works the same with government. The legislature should be dumping expenses and selling property. They should be doing this so fast and so extreme that Mary Fallin and Leslie Osborne are worried their desk, chair, and state salaries are next to go.

Oklahoma’s Legislative Budget Crisis

By Mary Ruth Tapp

It’s time to STOP falling for the tricks! I’ve known and know some very fine teachers in the public education system. AND I’m sick and tired of seeing raises for teachers being used as a mantra for “more taxes/more debt” so the crowd at Lincoln Blvd. can continue this sick game of spending what we don’t have on frivolous things we don’t need. Let’s take a look at just some of the money that could and SHOULD be used for raises for our teachers in the classroom. (Thanks to Rep. John Bennett for this information.)

Did you know?
“…the Chancellor of
Higher Ed makes over $400k a

How about other waste in
Higher Ed?

-UCO donated $10,000
to an international gender and
sexuality conference it hosted last

-OU hosts a conference on “how to
promote reproductive justice in red
states.” That’s a code word for
abortion rights.

-OU paid $150,000 to bring hip-hop artists to Norman for homecoming.

-OU recently spent $12,800 for a “bias hotline.”

-OU paid $20 Mil for an Italian monastery (in Italy)

-Student fees at UCO pay for Glamazon: A Drag Show.

-OSU hiring full-time rock climbing
coordinator, masters degree

-Therapy dogs at OU for students to de-stress during finals week… Seriously??

-UCO host LGBT summit and paid for some of the expenses.

-UCO host Gender and Sexuality Studies conference

-OU added LGBT studies minor

-Oklahoma taxpayers are being
forced to pay for “social justice”
activism via an “Activist-in-
Residence” program at OU.

-David Boren has asked each dean to hire a Diversity and Inclusion

There is so much more but I don’t
have time or space to list them all.”

It’s time fellow Oklahomans—the cat is out of the bag. The folks at the State House should be held accountable for this budget crisis they have created.
#TaxationIsTheft #DebtIsSlavery

Fiscal Conservatism Is The Answer To Oklahoma Budget Woes

First, I want to commend Representative Casey Murdock on his legislation HB 1690 which was married to Speaker McCall’s legislation which would set up an audit system, auditing state agencies which saved those in Ohio $33 for every $1 spent. This has great potential in aiding Oklahomans.

However Representative Murdock and most of his colleagues in OKC are entertaining raising the cigarette tax which would take $215 million dollars from Oklahomans (HB 2372). Many are also considering capping charitable contributions with HB 2347. If HB 2347 passes it would raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans, stealing $187 million.

When you create a budget around revenue, it will likely come back to bite. Government can’t dictate more revenue. When government taxes more it often receives less.
For as long as state government remains bloated, more taxes/fees will not work to resolve the budget woes, but will only continue the cycle of government coming back for more like alcohol to an alcoholic.

I urge Representative Murdock and those in OKC to take the lead, not on robbing Peter to pay Paul but on cutting government waste.
A few avenues to look into (There is much, much more): #1 Eliminate ODOT appropriations to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority saves roughly $47million
#2 3 year moratorium on agency “swag”advertising saves $39 million
#3 Repeal the “Hollywood subsidy” film Incentive saves $5 million
#4 Tobacco Settlement Reforms saves roughly $57 million
* savings items borrowed from Candidate for Governor Gary Richardson (I have not endorsed anyone in the governor’s race yet)

Remember like any household in hard times, state legislators must cut waste. Tax and fee burdens on Oklahomans are not the answer. The legislature was warned in 2015 about the coming budget crisis, yet few took notice. We are now in our second year of budget crisis. More chains of taxes/fees are not needed, fiscal conservatism is the answer.img_0747