Absentee Ballots and Early Voting Info for Primary Run-off Election

Your Vote CountsReminding everyone that the deadline to request an Absentee Ballot is Wednesday, August 20th.
Early Voting is from August 21st through the 23rd. 
Voting at polling places will be on Tuesday, August 26th.

Senator Nathan Dahm’s Endorsement Goes to Kenny Bob Tapp for HD61!

Kenny Bob Tapp said: “I am very honored to receive the endorsement of Sen. Nathan Dahm and I look forward to working with him. Sen. Dahm has championed our rural values from fighting for the life of the unborn, private property rights, and the rights of self-defense of one’s person.”

The entire campaign is so very pleased to have received this personal endorsement from Senator Nathan Dahm.

268675_10151183308201115_1203152150_n“I am honored to support Kenny Bob Tapp in his campaign for State Representative. Having worked with him for years in the Republican Party, I know he will stand strong for our values. When I had the privilege of being the commencement speaker at a graduation last year in the Panhandle, I could sense the values and principles of the area. Kenny Bob was also there, and I know he will bring those same values and principles as your representative in the State House. I encourage you to vote for Kenny Bob Tapp on August 26th.”

For Life and Liberty on the Fourth of July – Independence Day!

For Life and Liberty
Text version of banner above:

In the spirit of those who signed our Declaration of Independence, pledging to each other their Lives, Fortunes and their sacred Honor.  Wishing all a blessed and safe Independence Day.

For Life and Liberty
Kenny Bob Tapp
OK House District 61

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Kenny Bob Tapp Speaking at Candidate Forum in Guymon

Kenny Bob Tapp at Guymon Candidate ForumI appreciated the opportunity to participate in the candidate forum in Guymon tonight! Thank you KKBS, the Wild Horse Gallery and crew for putting the forum together!

Kenny Bob Tapp’s website 

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Linda Murphy Endorses Kenny Bob Tapp for HD 61

I’m honored to receive an endorsement from Linda Murphy who was instrumental in the recent repeal of Common Core in Oklahoma.

Thank you for your confidence!

Linda Murphy Speaking to the High Noon Club 2013

“I am happy to support Kenny Tapp for House Seat District 61. Kenny has the solid foundation to provide leadership to represent the people of his district. He will take a strong stand for local control of education and the state’s right to remain independent from centralized control.”

Linda Murphy


Kenny Bob Tapp’s website 

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Mark Costello Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Endorses Kenny Bob Tapp in House District 61 Race

Mark Costello with KBT

I am honored to have the endorsement of Oklahoma’s Labor Commissioner Mark Costello. I look forward to working with him to streamline government and fighting against an out-of-control, centralized, federal government.

“Kenny Bob Tapp understands the proper role of government. He comprehends the need to reduce the size of government. Kenny Bob Tapp believes that federal agencies like OSHA hinder thriving small businesses and it is time to draw a line in the sand when it comes to the overreach of the federal government and its agencies in order to protect Oklahoma’s sovereignty, individual Oklahomans, and small businesses.

I am pleased to endorse Kenny Bob Tapp for House District 61 and look forward to working with him for a more prosperous Oklahoma.

Cast your vote for Tapp on June 24.”

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Lesser Prairie Chicken – Probably Tasty, but don’t YOU Eat One!

800px-Lesser_Prairie_Chicken via Larry1732

Joshua Knop asked: “What are your thoughts about the Lesser Prairie Chicken?”

My reply:

“I bet it’s tasty, but don’t YOU eat one!

The listing of the prairie chicken as “threatened” was finalized on the 27th under the Endangered Species Act. The proponents of “saving” the prairie chicken that I have heard from have mainly cited the drought as the cause for the diminishing population.

It is disturbing that a bird is put above the lives and livelihood of those who have built their lives off the land.

There is no constitutional authority for the federal government to involve itself. As long as congress refuses to repeal the ESA, states including Oklahoma must draw the line in the sand and end this nonsense. In the 2015 session of the Oklahoma Legislature, I will author legislation protecting Oklahomans from any results of the “threatened” listing or any future “endangered” listing, asserting our rightful authority enshrined in the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Kenny Bob Tapp for
State House District 61

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Photo Credit – Description: A Lesser Prairie Chicken (male) in New Mexico
Date 16 April 2011
Source http://www.flickr.com/photos/larry1732/5644328619/in/photostream
Author http://www.flickr.com/photos/larry1732/

Cow Chip Festival in Beaver County Oklahoma

Tapp family with Groucho on the campaign trail compliments Chains of Pace Photography

Tapp family with Groucho on the campaign trail compliments Chains of Pace Photography (notice stickers on pup’s sweater!) This was taken at the very end of the Beaver Parade while visiting with the Mainstreet Shutterbugs.

Pioneer Days in Guymon with Kenny Bob Tapp and Friends

Pioneer Days 2014 in Guymon, OK

Pioneer Days in Guymon with Tapps and Friends

Friends came from near and far that blessed us with their time to walk, ride, and throw candy in the parade.

Kneeling: Duane Crumbacher, Tisa Hanvey, Joshua Tapp
Standing: Hugh Griffith, LeLayne Tapp, Ellie Hanvey, Kenny Bob Tapp, Rachel Watts, Rachael Tapp, LaShelle Griffith
Back Row: Bob Ed Tapp, Estee Hanvey, Teague Hanvey, Daniel Watts

Pioneer Days Parade Lineup

Parade Lineup for Pioneer Days in Guymon, OK

Pioneer Days Booth in Guymon

Kenny Bob Tapp for State Representative HD 61 Booth at Pioneer Days 2014 in Guymon, OK

Yard Signs are Ready for Kenny Bob Tapp HD61!

My yard signs are ready to be delivered and placed. If you would like to have one for your yard or business, please message me here, or give me a call! We will be traveling throughout the district again this month and would love to hear from you!

Call 580-516-1907, or leave a message at 580-426-2266

Kenny Bob Tapp Yard Signs Ready